Amythest Schaber Shares Her Autism Story

This is NOT my video, but I did watch it today and was very moved by Amythest Schaber‘s speech. She has a LOT of GREAT videos and I would recommend her channel to anyone who wants to learn more about AS.

Watching / hearing Amythest tell her story almost had me in tears. People with Autism are said to struggle with empathy, but I believe we just experience it differently.

I don’t instantly feel what is considered empathy, but I am capable of it, especially if the situation is one that I have been through or can relate to personally. If not I can “force” myself to feel empathy by imaging myself in a situation that is similar. Once the feeling has arisen, I can feel it very strongly and even be moved to uncontrollable tears.

Her childhood stories bring up some of my most painful childhood memories, instantly bringing up the empathy that supposedly people with AS lack.

See video HERE!


6 thoughts on “Amythest Schaber Shares Her Autism Story”

  1. Reblogged this on mrsunimaginative and commented:
    This video….

    Just, wow.

    Stories like this, which I know are so common, make me so grateful for having found good doctors, who believed me when I said my son’s behaviour wasn’t typical. That I wasn’t crazy, that I was experienced enough to know what typical is, and what it isn’t. That my son received his diagnosis at 2, and we live in a country whose government responds well to such diagnoses. That my son receives the support he needs. That Early Intervention works. That he’s getting better at dealing with the challenges he faces. That the people around him are more understanding now that the dx is there.

    I’m still angry that so many people in our life deny this. That Autism is still seen as a behaviour problem by so many, a fault of the parents when it comes to discipline. That my sons father is still ashamed and hides the fact that his son is ‘retarded’. That even though he loves his son, he wants him to be ‘normal’, and often yells at him for not being so.

    I know that we are lucky, that my son is lucky, and I’m going to focus on being grateful for that, because so many aren’t.

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