The Aspie Quiz – Version 4

When I first started to wonder if I might be on the spectrum I stumbled across the Aspie Quiz. I took it assuming it would prove that I was “normal” but all of my scores were WAY on the AS side of things. I was in denial fr a while as the possibly of having “problems” started to sync in.

This test is NOT a substitute for a formal diagnosis, but might be helpful if you are wondering if there is a chance you might be on the spectrum. It is a VERY thorough quiz for something that is on the internet.



23 thoughts on “The Aspie Quiz – Version 4”

  1. I actually have a formal diagnosis, but I still found that this quiz provided some interesting new insight (plus, it makes me feel more confident in my doctors judgement when my scores on these tests largely match up with his diagnosis.)
    Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. I haven’t gotten a diagnosis either, but suspected I had it. I hadn’t realized that coordination problems, or having a hard time hearing someone speaking when others were talking around me were actually considered symptoms.

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    1. Lots of things that I had been ignoring / hiding from others out of embarrassment or a feeling of “other people don’t understand this problem” ended up being symptoms for me. It makes me feel much better seeing that almost all of the “strange” things about me are normal for those on the spectrum. #thenewnormal

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  3. My results were as follows :
    Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 122 of 200
    Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 106 of 200
    You seem to have both neurodiverse and neurotypical traits
    Some questions I was like YES!!!! Some nope. I am not so good at answering quiz questions where I don’t really get the question and am not sure how to answer (don’t know if that’s an aspie thing or not!).
    I scored very highly for “talent” and below average for “social”, pretty much average for everything else.
    However, some of the questions did point out to me some AS traits that I hadn’t even considered as such – I thought that it was only me! For example, I talk to myself ALL THE TIME ever since I was a child. I know there’s no one else there, I just really love to verbalise my thoughts (HEAVILY verbal female aspie here).. 🙂

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  4. 156 . I’m confused by the graph. I’m all the way to the edge with “talent”. Talented at being autistic? What do the words on the graph even mean?

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    1. It is really hard to say without knowing how you answered and seeing the chart – however IF you are more on the AS side and considering diagnosis it might be worth talking to someone. Otherwise I would not worry about it too much. Just a tool to see if there is a chance you might be AS / how AS like you are. 🙂

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      1. There was another side to the graph LOL? No I don’t need anymore diagnoses , my doctor already has down ADHD , sensory processing disorder and another one about sensory processing along with major depression and general anxiety. She knows, she is very NeuroDivergant, tons. We get along awesome! We both become horrified by thoughts of certain foods together.

        What I didn’t know was that there was something explaining what the graph meant. Because I don’t like giving out personal information online especially in regards to eugenics projects the first time I did the test without creating an account so you don’t get anything other than the graph . So thinking that there must be more than just a graph and two sets of numbers I did create an account and I downloaded the results. My mom did it as well and it was the first time I’ve ever felt close to her. I was amazed at how much we have in common on the inside . A lot of things about me being neglected as a child comes from parents who both score incredibly autistic socially and yet that’s exactly why they did not interfere with anything I did. Who else would think it is normal to put a trapeze in the living room because your daughter feels much better upside down? My mother has suffered at the hands of psychiatric professionals since I was very young and this was the first time anything made sense. They always talk about her having all these attachment disorders because she attaches to animals not humans. She’s been made to feel like she’s sick but like me she’s now thinking what’s so bad about that?

        But I could not figure out what being 10 out of 10 for talent meant without having the other pages. And being almost never NeuroTypical except for communication . For me it was mostly the intellectual parts , talent and perception. For my parents it’s mostly social relationships and communication. So once I can actually read what the scores were for each section – and I probably could have done that without getting an account but my mother and I both found the directions and the test to be really hard to understand . – Then it made sense. It also helped me with my ex-boyfriend and all of my friends , the one NeuroTypical actually is not at all. Because a lot of them like my mother seem very very cold and uncaring, and communication is where I am most NeuroTypical. So I understand better what it’s like for them when I am talking about emotions and they just repeat facts that are not relevant. And I figure they will have a meltdown just like if anyone interrupts how I work or there is too much of the wrong sensory stuff, which unfortunately having MCS and living in solitary confinement means I have to live online and the screen no matter how dark and how many blue shields is a physical assault. So I understand better why they have to what I thought was run away whenever I expressed emotional need. It’s a shutdown or meltdown happening. Now I know how to help that happen which means don’t go to them for emotional needs. It would be like somebody interrupting my process and me feeling totally lost and disoriented on a level that is hard to even put into words.

        One thing I’ve been told by members on both side of my family who all either have diagnoses or definitely still are autistic, is that they are sorry that nobody in the family including them cares about me but we are all total narcissist. That such a strange thing to hear from your family members all the time. That they’re all narcissist and so they don’t really care about what happens to me. Because I think it’s just that we all live in very narrow small worlds. I’m grateful that none of them mess with me in mine and a lot of them are very proud of me . But I don’t think they are narcissist. When there is a similar obsession we all can communicate about it and when there is not we have nothing to do with each other. I’ve always been the strange one because I attempt communication and no one else does that .

        So it’s been very helpful for my entire family relationships . And it’s really nice to be able to talk to my mother about how hard it is to put up with NeuroTypicals. How nice it is to not have them around. There’s no people getting in the way with mediocre Smalltalk and very very draining demands of how you have to hate stuff with them. The NeuroTypical bond as far as I can tell is sharing the same hatreds and that just is something that caused a severe meltdown being an editor of a book . Having people contact me and just socially expect me to agree with their hatred of things and other people . It’s been people who have hurt me but they are making giant illogical generalizations about the organizations or persons work . So I end up having to defend so many people all the time who have hurt me. Saying that as far as human beings I would not want to ever be near them again but their body of work is astounding . And also explaining over and over again that opinion is not a fact. That’s not just about people and organizations but also about what is historically accurate.

        I score incredibly high also with empathy and it was life sucking and I almost committed suicide two days ago because of how vile and bigoted all of these people are. There were a few who had instead genuine interest in the project and were really trying and really are inspiring but they are so young I was really scared about when they would be destroyed by these sorts of people. One of them already has been severely hurt and I feel very protective of people .

        It’s hard to live online because that is where as somebody told me yesterday to help me get through it , “they keep the assholes.” I know that a lot of autistic people love the Internet. But I really like safe conversation with one or two people most and I can feel what’s happening and know whether or not they are safe. With all the people who go online so they can be abusive and people have told me that’s why they go online so they won’t do it to their real friends and family , because of having MCS and being a shut in those people who go online to hurt others and that’s exactly why they do it according to themselves , it’s me who ends up with that as her only human contact and it is devastating. That’s why I don’t allow comments on my blog . There are too many people who use the Internet just as a way to beat up strangers and being emotionally mugged or being shot with a drive-by commentor will literally put me in a suicidal place because there’s nothing to counteract it. I don’t have real life.

        Anyway my mother and I both found questions on that test to be very unclear. Worded really difficult and I had to explain them to her with situations that could possibly relate . She couldn’t even understand what the questions were. They are so black-and-white there’s no context of what sort of situation or who is in control or is it something I want to do? So there was a lot of analyzing how bad the test questions are.

        And then I read a bunch of women who are autistic discussing how when taking tests they are usually thinking about what was the person who designed the test possibly thinking? These questions don’t match reality . The writing is poor – there are a lot of grammar errors in that test that really threw me off – and that made me anxious . What do they mean when they have different plural pronouns and then singular pronouns for the exact same person or people? Are they talking about people or one person? Because the pronouns keep changing throughout the question. It was really distracting noticing how much editing should have been done . And then of course I read about all of these autistic women saying the exact same thing about when they take tests. Wondering what the person who wrote it even means by the questions . How do they see life? There’s a lot to learn from tests about the people who made them.

        That was always the most interesting part of taking tests in school. It was obvious what the writer wanted me to believe was the answer even though it wasn’t but I could give the writers idea of reality or I could be more accurate . Taking a test and passing means validating the writers reality. And how they interpret it. Which really means how they interpret me according to their idea of normal. It doesn’t matter what kind of test it is. Only mathematics don’t have that and so those were my favorite.

        But definitely that test it was very easy to see what they wanted me to answer to say that I was autistic. But there was a lot more behind it such as the person who wrote the questions has a lot of trouble with communication . So why didn’t they get a copy editor? And also feedback from others about how it’s really messy? I was honestly really disappointed with the quality considering it’s been around forever I thought that it would be at least correct with grammar.

        I think there should be a question 122 : does the complicated wording which could be much more simple if I had a copy editor and the inaccuracies and how I am using language make this test stressful ? Because maybe NT s would not even notice.

        But my mother and I closer together bitching about the test . “Do you form form very strong bonds to some humans or animals?” Humans are animals biologically so that makes no sense is what I thought and my mother said not at all to humans but totally with animals so what do I answer? It’s like asking ” do you enjoy sitcoms or genocide?” UMMMM.

        But considering I almost killed myself yesterday and the day before because of a meltdown about how filled with evil human beings are not wanting it in my space at all and because of being an editor having it coming into my space I am super fried nerve endings so I’m not cheerful I’m just wanting to run away but there’s nowhere to go when you have MCS. But if I could be near a tree who speaks so much my logically and honestly and with connection and it’s not such an assault I would feel healed instantly . MCS really has removed what helped me survive humans.

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        1. Thank you so much for adding to the conversation. Great comments – and for now there are not a lot of options out there for these sorts of things. They make you think and can provide conversations – such as with your mom “My mom did it as well and it was the first time I’ve ever felt close to her. I was amazed at how much we have in common on the inside ” – I LOVE that you got some closeness with your mom. My mom was “Mentally ill” too but my family hid it. Being raised by her was hard. She loved me but I am lucky to be alive.

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          1. Having both parents most autistic in social relationship aspects and me with the talent and perception was hard. I was neglected, left in very dangerous situations, put in very dangerous situations, totally invalidated, no bonding from them to me, but I bonded to them although I thought they were robots until I was 8 and finally those nightmares stopped.

            But if they weren’t autistic too they wouldn’t have thought it normal for me to need a trapeze in the one room of our house’s downstairs because I needed to swing and be upside down. My Dad wouldn’t have found old magazine boxes from a library so my giant comic book collection could be perfectly organized. Mom wouldn’t have learned the entire Marvel Universe and my epic game of how are all related.

            Okay, you should not leave a 3 year old alone at home because she’s immersed in something but when they got back and I’d sewn a 3 foot tall Miss Piggy doll (with no sewing lessons) at least they didn’t cause a meltdown by making me stop. When I was 14 and took off for NYC with drug dealers much older than me (I’m the ultimate naivety Aspie) and asked my father if he wanted to meet these people or have my number there and he was hyperfocusing and said no, now that when the chemical sensitivity so common for autistic person (headaches and nausea from cleaning supplies is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 30% of population has it, but I haven’t seen anyone autistic realize its not smell sensitivity, it’s the chemicals in synthetic fragrance and the other common symptom is to shut down or meltdown) was made so severe by CO poisoning, I will never get to leave this room or see anyone in person again because too toxic, I got all my travel wanderlust done very young. No regrets as it’s year four of solitary confinement. Without parents who were clueless I never could have been emancipated and taken off to Europe alone, broke with no contacts or fear. But I also probably wouldn’t have my first sexual experience be rape as they let me stay with known various criminal addicts.

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          2. I’m posting about being raped and autism. Sex seems taboo with autism bloggers I’ve noticed. I saw a book about what autistic women need to learn to survive. Was there ANYTHING about seeing red flags? NOTHING. No one is writing about it. How we’ve learned how to be safe. My mother told me nothing because she knew nothing. My dad neither. How do we know when we’re in danger, what’s inappropriate? If we all start sharing our stories about this, all 60 – 80% of us, then we will have change. Until we address it head on it won’t. Feminism taught us that our stories are how we raise our consciousness. And with that we’ll have tons of wisdom and knowledge to work from to develop what we need, info for parents to help their kids, for rape and sex educators, for therapists (who seem so fascinated and clueless about me), and for autistic people who have been raped so we don’t isolate more. The rape and DV rates are much higher for persons with disabilities, especially if financially caught in a marriage. “You’ll never be loved by anyone else, you’re lucky I do because you are xyz.” If you’ve felt that way your whole life you will believe it. Especially if isolated.
            Economics plays a big role if you’re on SSI or SSDI.
            Sometimes it feels like the only way to have any self worth is to never interact with others. Since guys are caught to make a girl feel bad about herself so she’ll feel grateful he’ll have sex with her, we’re big targets. Luckily I’ve been told this by male friends so I was 14.
            I’m aware I go for autistic men. And a psychologist said they all looked like cold fish, I needed to be attracted to men making eye contact! It’s little bigotry like that I now see.


          3. But I don’t think my Mom has attachment disorders. She doesn’t connect to or like humans but animals especially birds are where she belongs. My whole life I knew if she saw a bird she’d not remember I was there. I hated competing with hawks and chickadees to get fed. But she’s not wired to be with humans and she doesn’t miss them. She has no intimacy with humans and tons of social anxiety but if she doesn’t have to see humans and stay in a one room off the grid middle of nowhere place and stay outside all the time with animals especially birds, she’s fine. Now that we did the test I understand WHY she’s this way. She doesn’t need or want human contact ever. Her crazy melt downs freaking out at everyone for… existing make sense. Having a child for her must be like me in the newspaper bull room with 300 other journalists, not cubicles, fluorescent light, phones ringing, everyone talking, the synthetic fragrance samples the fashion writers testing, me having no idea what I’m supposed to do since I was their fastest writer I’d sit at my desk connected to five others, all work done an hour, editor compliments me and I run away crying and hide in the darkest archive aisle where people probably won’t see me and sob shaking.
            Everyday raising me must have like that.
            So the test helps me understand all my family and friends (turned out my NT friend isn’t) who freeze when my health plummets seeming ice cold and disappearing when I need them most (they care TOO MUCH to handle it), the ignoring each other until we get a shared interest again, the refusal we all have about advice giving (never do it), and disappear for 20 years and see each other and it’s like we saw each other yesterday so why the big deal, and everyone’s intense hatred of different foods, colors, touch, music, background noise, lighting, physical closeness, eye contact, levels of attachment, awareness of time that seem so different come from the same thing. We’re all trying to avoid a meltdown or shut down or burn out. And we’re all depressed and anxious. But those come out different too.

            At the end of the day we’re all just trying to block out what we can to survive and still try to be close. And that’s HARD.

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  5. When I was a student at Glendora High School, I came to the attention of the staff there after I had run away from one of my abusive foster homes and the police had come to the school to tell me to go back home. One of the first things they did was make me take a test just like the one talked about in this blog post. The resulting graph of the results was very lopsided and my counselor thought something was wrong, not with the test but with my honesty, so she told me to take the test again, but this time to make sure I answered all the questions honestly. I took the test again, and it came out the same. She had no idea what to do or say after that. That was in 1976, so I guess I was the very first autistic person Glendora High School had ever heard of or seen (although technically speaking, autism didn’t exist as a diagnosis back then, and had I been diagnosed, I would have been categorized with childhood schizophrenia per the DSM-II. I am so glad to have “fallen through the cracks of the system” back then, as schizophrenia would have meant being institutionalized for life).

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