Autism Stories – Submit Your Stories NOW!

Hello amazing readers.

I would LOVE to start a section in my blog titled “Autism Stories”. My goal is to share positive and encouraging stories from and about as many amazing Aspies as possible.

I started this blog with the hope of showing the world that Autism is NOT a disorder. It is up to us to combat the negative stigmas associated with the word “Autism”. People on the Autism spectrum are different than “Neurotypical” people but in the words of the great Temple Grandin we are “Different . . . Not Less

Each and every one of us is brilliant in our own way. The world needs Aspies. We are the engineers, the world changers, and the unique thinkers that make innovation possible.

Unfortunately many parents of newly diagnosed Autistic children go home feeling as if their world has ended instead of seeing the gifted and brilliant child in front of them.

These stories will also be for (or from) the parents  to give encouragement. We may not be the child that you always thought you would have, but that does not mean you do not have an amazing child in front of you.

Over the next 2 months I will be collecting stories. I want positive Autism  stories from ANYONE who Autism has touched. Lets be honest, there is mostly a negative stigma associated with Autism. It is my goal to share as many positive stories as possible through Autism Awareness month (April) spreading the awareness about the brighter side of Autism.

What I need from you is YOUR stories OR your re-blog / social media shares / spreading the word to those around you.

If you have stories to share please send them to

If someone you know has stories to share, please send them to this blog post or ask them to send their stories to

Thank you all for your support! I look forward to hearing from all of you.

With Love,

– “Anna”


9 thoughts on “Autism Stories – Submit Your Stories NOW!”

  1. When I started seriously writing satire, I was quite content. Then one day, I noticed someone else had a written a ‘fake news’ story I felt uncomfortable with. I thought a bit more about it, and then felt relieved that the writer was not treating autistic people as ‘above’ satire. I then wrote a commentary piece on this at my favourite satire outlet:

    In return, I will say that the piece is fairly tongue-in-cheek; no need to take everything at face value! I know ‘we’ aren’t supposed to have anything resembling a sense of humour, or so they say; but I managed somehow! 🙂

    “The day you can no longer laugh at yourself; that is the day you know they have finally won. This is the thread on which all my laws and prophecies hang.”

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    1. I agree, it may not be completely obvious online, but I laugh at myself regularly. If I were unable to laugh at myself my life would be rather unpleasant and stiff. I look forward to reading the link you shared above. (About to have a look.) 🙂

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