10 Aspergers Symptoms by The Aspie World

by The Aspie World

Everyone is different. Some of these symptoms I share, and there are a few that I used to but no longer have.

Here is my feedback on these things.

  1. My nervous stimms are biting the inside of my mouth, clenching my jaw and tongue.
  2. Changing my routine last minute really stresses me out IF I do not have a backup plan.
  3. Food has to have a LOT of flavor and needs to be the correct texture and temperature. Bland food makes me gag.
  4. Smells that do not smell like food make me nauseated or give me a headache. Especially cleaning supplies.
  5. Sounds – I hate florescent lights and loud car revs or sudden loud noises really grab me and send me into a panic.
  6. I am OBSESSED with my hobbies. Right now it is this website.
  7. I definitely like to wear the same type of thing all the time. I buy like 5 of the same shirt or pants in different colors if I find one I like.
  8. I never realized this was a problem until recently but I definitely cant read this on people I don’t know well.
  9. The grocery store is the worst, and I avoid crowded events. Cant do it.
  10. I can talk really fast but have learned to slow down, however I do have problems repeating the same thing over and over again when I talk to people. It is embarrassing because I don’t even realize when I am doing it.

21 thoughts on “10 Aspergers Symptoms by The Aspie World”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have a 12-year-old son with many of these traits. It is good to hear first hand accounts from others of what it is like for them as I try to navigate the world with him.

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  2. All 10 I have issues more or less. The couple that stand out for me was.
    1) I hardly ever sit still. My stims be benign like shaking my leg, or playing with my metal bracelet. When under a lot of stress I claw at my hand sometimes without knowing, or hurting myself by stimming to hard with my bracelet.
    2)Strong smells I can’t get away from may make me sick for days, no matter what I do I can’t stop smelling hours- days later. I hate the sound and feel of packing Styrofoam.

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  3. This is fascinating to me. I remember manifesting several of these symptoms, in particular biting the inside of my cheeks and wiggling my toes under the table. The rapid talking was also characteristic, as were migraines when in crowded circumstances. Until very recently, I also tended to have a recording running in the back of my head, often just a few words or a harmonic pattern.

    My two most focused fascinations were working on my jump shot, which I did for hours on end by myself, and figuring out what love was. As I now think of ideas as souls in formation, I guess that I would have to testify that the latter gave a whole heck of a lot back to me.

    But I never really felt anxiety as is described by you and others. My most powerful memories are of moments of great peace, standing in a quiet place with nature. I have been enjoying sending metta back into those moments, and allowing them to integrate in me. The moments feel so close at times, as though I really am reaching back to help myself be strong.

    Sorry to run on. I’m not reaching a conclusion, which is to explain why I was free of the anxiety that you and so many others describe. I do believe that mindfulness is key, and it seems like there should be some simple thought that would be of value…

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    1. I think the more I cater to my strengths and respect my “weaknesses” my anxiety is less intense. My job currently pushes me out of my comfort zone a lot, but I feel I am learning and growing (but more anxious). Exercise also helps, but I have not had a lot of time laity.

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  4. I share many of these but the one about having many of the same kinds or shirts etc makes me smile
    I’ve 5 of the same design but different colors that I wear to work one every day
    I’ve 4 of another type that I don’t really wear .they are just there
    I often wondered why I’m that way


  5. I love this and thanks for sharing it. I share all of these symptoms and especially number 1. I used to pick my fingers til they bled and I still do when I am nervous or scared.
    I also am very sensitive to certain foods like I eat alot of bland food sandwiches without butter and everything. Also I refuse to eat things like carrot cake or cheese cake because my brain tells me that cake and cheese is just wrong..
    I love this list as it really explains the traits of being an aspie really simply 😃😃

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It is always interesting to see how we all experience these circumstances differently. I’m always looking for simple explanations of the things we go through, because I often have a very difficult time explaining them to others verbally.

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