In your last life, you were … ET

I took one of those silly online quizzes, titled “Who Were You in a Past Life” and the quiz said I was ET. lol. The irony is not lost on me since many Aspies comment that they feel “alien”. The results were too amusing and ironic not to share.

It’s not a joke. Seriously, in your past life, you were an alien! Ever since you were young, you’ve felt different from others. You weren’t even very close to your parents. You’ve always yearned for somewhere far away, wishing to travel to search for something, sometimes even dreaming about being a nomad. You had a special talent in your childhood, but as you grew up, it disappeared. Despite your questioning, you do have a mission and commitment to The Earth. It’s time to show your talent. Remember who you used to be and where you are from.

Apparently I am an alien.


11 thoughts on “In your last life, you were … ET”

  1. I was ET too!!! It’s funny, I remember telling my sister that she was hatched from an alien egg that was found in a trashcan! As a child, I did dream of being far away; not as far as space, really, but (more realistically I suppose) running away into the woods and never coming back.

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  2. I’m not autistic, but I can assure you I have felt different all my life. Trying to define who I am surrounded by a world that tells me I must abide by rules in order to be somebody, is an on going journey, one that is very difficult at times. I also took one of those kind of tests you talk about here that promised me it could tell me who I am, and out it spit something about a boyfriend. I’m married and have been for 32 years. A boyfriend? I must be the last to know, wouldn’t you say? LOL

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