You May Have Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autism

a video by Mark Hutten, M.A.


Every now and then I like to share videos for my more visual learners out there. Since I am not always comfortable or effective sharing my thoughts and opinions verbally, the videos that I share are NOT my own.


10 thoughts on “You May Have Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autism”

  1. Thanks for this. My son has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder but I’m thinking he has aspergers. I can’t seem to understand what the differences are between aspergers and high functioning autism.


    1. At least in the US Asperger’s is no longer an available diagnosis. In 2013, when the DSM5 was released, Asperger’s and several other conditions were condensed into the Autism Spectrum label. Autism is believed to be a broad spectrum and it is accepted that Aspies can fall all over the charts.


  2. I said yes to almost every statement. I’ve never been diagnosed. I’ve always thought I am the way I am due to ADHD, Cptsd, depression and anxiety that I’ve lived with since I was a child. I know saying yes to every statement doesn’t mean I have ASD. Thank you for posting!

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  3. At first I don’t accept it. Now I am learning to embrace it. However, I can socialize with people. There are those who mentioned they want to vomit blood talking to me.


  4. I’m quite old and only recently diagnosed. Understanding why I haven’t quite fitted into certain social situations has been somewhat of a relief, before this diagnosis I had been confused by life in general. Now I can see that everything I have done in life fits into a set of ‘rules’ and makes sense. I’m very ‘out’ about my diagnosis, not proud, not seeing it as an excuse, but I want to do my bit to explain or demonstrate that you can have a life, a relationship(s), a family, a career – you just have to find people and stuff that fits within your special abilities.

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