Non-Verbal Autistic Girl Shows the World Her Heart

A video from an ABC special, titled Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence is a good example of how many non-verbal Aspies can be dismissed. I do not agree with the video’s title, as it suggests that a non-verbal Aspie cannot be intelligent.

Although I am verbal, it bothers me greatly much that the spoken word is used to measure intelligence.  My intelligence definitely shows more when I am able to type my thoughts out. Sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself accurately out loud and tend to stick to pre-prepared stock phrases and answers.


13 thoughts on “Non-Verbal Autistic Girl Shows the World Her Heart”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve seen Carly’s video before and was encouraged. I also do better through writing. I think Carly wrote a book.

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  2. I have been struggling with the idea of showing what you know, reading level and the dangerous assumption that my son doesn’t understand how to read to himself….then toss in motor speech delay where any speech is hard. I am going to write more on my blog but interested I knowing what you think.

    Btw That’s Carly from Toronto. She is responsible for making the video of her buddy the Dancing Starbucks barrista go viral. She posted on her Facebook Page that her birthday wish for her friends video to go viral so that she could show everyone the positives of Autism and how you can dream big into whatever you want to in life. A week ago she took over the Twitter page of a morning tv show answering any questions about Autism. She’s amazing… She thought against the local school board Who didn’t believe that she was doing all the work herself they thought that someone else is doing for her she had to prove the doctors and teachers that was all her. If you need any links if you want to read more about her I can send it to you

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