I See Problems & I Fix Them

I am good at seeing problems that others seem oblivious to. In addition I also tend to come up with unique solutions to the problems in front of me. Problem solving is my native language and I am good at it.

When I see a problem I am overcome by a strong urge to fix it. It is very hard for me to ignore a problem once it has made itself known to me, and I am compelled to work towards a solution until a satisfactory one is found.

This can create a difficult situation if the people around me cannot see the problem that I am trying to point out or do not agree that a situation needs attention.

I see the world with a critical eye. Inefficient and pointless activities drive me crazy. This is why I often fail at “girl talk”. My best friend told me recently, point blank, that sometimes she needs to talk just to vent and that when she is venting she does not want a solution.

My overly logical brain has a hard time with this, but because I care deeply for her, I now make efforts to sit quietly when she is talking. It is difficult for me to understand when I should talk and when I should listen, so most of the time I just try to stay quiet.

Conversations without a clear goal are baffling to me. Talking to people takes up a lot of my energy, especially when I am unable to determine the meaning of or reason for a conversation.

It’s not even that I do not like talking to people. Meaningful conversations with people who are close to me are actually very  enjoyable, but they still wear me out.

Fixing problems gives me energy. I get a high off of the mental stimulation that problem solving provides. This is my strength, that is why I see problems and I fix them.







10 thoughts on “I See Problems & I Fix Them”

  1. Lol, you’re a fixer too. Do find that while you’re sitting there trying to be empathetic and still, your brain has glommed onto some insignificant detail they have related, and looking for a fix so hard, you’re not really listening anymore. 😳


    1. I’ve found that it often comes down to finding the right employers who are open to change and employee input. I also don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want my help. (Their loss, right? ) 😉


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