If You Took Me to Lunch – Aspian Super Hero

If you took me to lunch, you would not notice that I am Autistic.

My face is made up and my hair is where it belongs. I leave the office looking neatly put together.

I may let you drive or take my own car, putting on my sunglasses before leaving the building.

If we ride together, I let you talk in the car and may even say a few words myself. If I am feeling particularly relaxed I may delight you with a story or joke.

When I’m focused, paying careful attention to every action, I am able to be tactful and polite. I remember to smile and laugh at your jokes. Hiding moments of confusion behind laughter and smiles.

I can be bright and bubbly, happy and silly, whatever mood the situation calls for. So many beautiful masks, crafted with love and hand painted. Each one a well thought out, functional, piece of art.

There are deep waves behind my eyes. Turbulent waters of the mind, continuously churning. I can be as deep as the ocean or as empty as the sky on a clear bright day.

Thinkers have a tendency to worry. We see problems all around us and are compelled to make things better. It is hard to sit still when there is so much work to be done.

Sometimes there is so much to do that the thought of starting a project can be overwhelming.

I’ve trailed off in a day dream, someplace far away. I catch myself and snap back into the conversation. This happens so quickly that most people would never notice that I’d been checked out.

My mind is running a million miles per minute, darting in and out of mental rooms as we talk.

I do best with one on one interactions, but also enjoy hanging out in small intimate groups.

Sometimes I may come off as shy, other times I may be overly talkative. It really depends on my energy level and the people I am surrounded by.

I am an Aspian Super Hero and Chameleon-ing is my specialty.



6 thoughts on “If You Took Me to Lunch – Aspian Super Hero”

  1. THIS : “I’ve trailed off in a day dream, someplace far away. I catch myself and snap back into the conversation. This happens so quickly that most people would never notice that I’d been checked out.”

    Great post 🙂 btw my real name is actually Anna!

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  2. It’s a blessing you can go to lunch. The screaming and crying kids keep me out of restaurants. Even with headphones, it gets to be too much, and it is harder to leave a restaurant than evacuate a store.

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    1. There are some things that I generally do to help ease these situations. I try to avoid peak busy times and prefer to go anywhere during a slower time of day. If it is busy, we don’t go. (Friday / Saturday at dinner time – never). If I am in a busy place, or know something is coming up, I try to make sure that I am well rested. Siting outside can also help if you are not on a busy street. I also don’t typically hang out in groups larger than 4 (including myself) and am pretty controlling of who I hang out with. (I have a very small circle of close friends (who have proven themselves worthy and drama free). I can hold myself together through a work / business lunch if I have to, but when I get home I will be completely worn out for the remainder of the day – so I let myself unwind. I do maybe 1-2 social things a week. That is all I can give when working full time and I do not apologize for that.

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