Texas Mom Fights For Access To Medical Marijuana To Treat Autism

The following I can not take credit for, however it ended up in my news feed this morning. There is a mother out there fighting for her child, hoping to help others by defeating the controversy surrounding medical marijuana / cannabis.


FORT WORTH (CBS 11) — A Texas mom is fighting to give parents of autistic children the right to utilize medical marijuana as a treatment for their kids. It’s just one of the issues we’re hearing from marijuana advocates in town for the Southwest Cannabis Conference.

Thalia Michelle isn’t just trying to change Texas law; she’s helping mothers across the country try to change laws in their states with the hope of giving parents more options to treat their children.

Advocates at the Southwest Cannabis Conference are quick to point out the difference between THC, which causes the high from marijuana, and the compound CBD. When Michelle heard about cases of autistic children benefiting from CBD oil, she was able to order the medicine online and give it to her son, Lance, where they live, in Austin.

Full story and video HERE.


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