Another Asperger’s Quiz

When I first suspected that I might be on the Autism Spectrum, I immediately searched the internet for information. I stumbled upon on of the many online quizzes.

Part of me hoped to disprove the suspicions I had, but my AS score was very high. I took quiz after quiz, every one suggested that it was very likely that I was on the spectrum.

Her is yet another Asperger quiz for those of you who are curious if Asperger’s / Autism might be a possibility.


41 thoughts on “Another Asperger’s Quiz”

      1. That makes two of us, AnonymouslyAutistic. My husband saw it immediately when he took the test, too. I scored 45 on this one; I have never been below 38 on a test. I embrace it, though… It was a relief to finally understand my challenges.

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  1. I’ve already got a formal diagnosis, but thought, why the hell not, wondered what it would say. I constantly get the… no way, I would never think YOU are autistic, you don’t look it, SEEM it, come off as autistic. Scored 42. Not a shock at all. Ever feel like you need a tattoo on your forehead so people will stop asking you to explain yourself. I hate having to defend it…I rarely talk about it at all. It’s a terrible feeling having to defend your diagnosis, isn’t it? -_-

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    1. I hate when someone says “well at least you are high functioning”. . . I guess technically it is true… but tend to have two modes success or complete failure. There is no in between and it is hard when people are so dismissive.

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      1. It really is very hard. I generally get complete and utter denial. I get told frequently well I have a child, friend, cousin, etc. who’s autistic and you don’t remind me at all of them. Huh, I must’ve missed that class where I learned that we’re all made from the same cookie cutter … 😡

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  2. I’ve taken a few of these, this one included, and I score around 40. It confirms what I already know and maybe I’ll go for the formal one when I can weigh up the pros and cons with me being as old as I am. Love your blog by the way…

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    1. That would need a professional who understands behavior, since children can’t really be asked those questions.

      However, there is good news – if you find a child psychological with a specialty in Autism, your child is at a good age for detection. 🙂

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  3. Huh. First test I’ve ever taken and I was conservative with my answers. Got a 34. Maybe I should talk to someone. You know, with me having the epilepsy too. Hmm. On a completely unrelated topic, do you do your own artwork on your channel? If not, who does.?

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    1. I just took the test and got a 46. I’ve scored as high as 50 on these 50 point tests; I’m another serial test taker. I used to think my score fluctuated from several factors. Then I decided there were really only two factors; (1) my state of mind during the test, and (2) how I interpreted the questions. How I interpret the questions depends on my state of mind; I’m down to a single cause for fluctuating test scores.

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  4. I have Aspergers Syndrome, and have been diagnosed earlier than most as my Mum is a Pharmacist and knows the symptoms. I don’t know any other girls with Autism. I think its “improving”, if that’s possible.

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    1. There are a lot of great Aspies on the comments sections of my blog. I did not know any other Aspies before I started writing. I am glad to know they are here and almost like a supportive community. I was diagnosed at 30. 😮


  5. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve taken quizzes like this. Somehow hoping the results will be different. Scored 41 this time.

    In a couple weeks I have an appointment with a neuro-Psychologist for a screening to see if a full diagnostic is needed (Which, of course, I’m sure it is).

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