Autism and Coordination (Dyspraxia)

Original video by Hannah Riedel on YouTube.

This month I am sharing stories from amazing Aspie women, and Hannah deserves to be on this list. She has been sharing her true, raw, honest, and sometimes emotional life on the spectrum for a while now. I always look forward to her videos.

This week she talks about a problem that has plagued me all my life – Dyspraxia. I was never good at team sports, have bad posture, trip over my own toes, walk into walls and furniture, spill things, have problems with pen grip, writing by hand hurts me, and have constant problems with dept perception.

Please watch her video and check out her YouTube Channel. She is truly an amazing and beautiful person.



Hannah says – “Just my experiences. 🙂 I know it’s not as severe with me as it is with many others, but I frequently feel like a total klutz. I know I don’t seem like I struggle with these things, I just have a good “rolodex” of learned movements and I put a lot of effort into hiding my inner klutz. I have had 23 years of close observation of others and then practicing what I observed.”


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