I couldn’t have said this better myself.

This is it. Why we need to speak up and start speaking for ourselves. Because people who do not live in our shoes can not possible understand what it means to be an Aspie. Even people who mean well and come from a true place of love can’t understand.

Nobody is to blame. It is our duty to self advocate.

To friends of ours who are yet to understand why we are so fiercely advocating for Autistic Rights… [from my personal page] “I saw this on Twitter last night and shared it on my page (The Bullshit Fairy on Facebook). I woke this morning to see 4 hours later, it had 150 likes/sadness […]

via Awareness Hurts Us — The Bullshit Fairy


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t have said this better myself.”

  1. I remember that your child may turn out autistic was the number one argument against vaccinations. Man I hate them, they aren’t anti vaxxers just pro plaguers. I have met many on every scale of the spectrum and not one of you was a bad person or a burden. I don’t understand at all what it’s like, but we should be cherishing the things that make people different not spreading intolerance of things that we don’t understand.

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