Life Hacks for the Aspie

I stumbled across this amazing blog post today. It was too good not to share!  Please check out the original blog post by clicking on the link below for more great tips.<3

My Aspie Eyes

lifehacksTo tolerate places you don’t want to be at:

Take your glasses off

If you wear contacts or glasses, wear glasses that day.  If you are going somewhere that are dreading or think it will be kind of invasive like the dentist, eye doctor, or hair dresser, take your glasses off when you are able.  Blurred vision means less visual cues to take in and fully process.  It also means less cutting eye contact and less details of others’ facial expressions to hold on to and worry about (cuz you can’t really see it as clear!).  When already stressed or on alert mode, taking away even just one stressor can be very beneficial.

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3 thoughts on “Life Hacks for the Aspie”

  1. I enjoyed her resourceful post as well. She let me post a link that I hope you will let me post here for those suffering from auditory sensitivity. The Earplug Superstore www, they sell all kinds of silicone earplugs, earmuffs for all ages (even pets) and white noise. I use their products and am completely satisfied.

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