Autism Awareness By Aspies for Aspies

I find a lot of great things while digging around the internet. I can not take credit for this video. Please visit and subscribe to the original poster, The Aspie World, on



World Autism Awareness Week 2016 is here and I am doing a video on help for Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Awareness. Hey guys thank you for watching my video *more stuff below, :)*. Watch more of these videos (ASD Help):


6 thoughts on “Autism Awareness By Aspies for Aspies”

  1. Great video. I am not autistic but for quite a long time in my life I was very sensitive to sensory information. I would feel sensory information too much and I would receive too much at times. I turned to alcohol and smoking to decrease the sensitivity which worked sometimes. I gave both smoking and drinking up. Now I work out everyday and this really helps. It is about finding a positive and healthy way to cope with it I think.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think Autism is a combination of many traits that can be found in the world’s population. We have so many inconvenient traits at once that things can be overwhelming.


      1. Yes I know that autism is often overwhelming. As concerns the overload the video describes I found it really difficult to live with that feeling. As an author it has actually really helped my writing. I put what I experience into my writing. If I see, really see, a beautiful scene in nature I describe it in detail in my book or on a blog. I feel emotion deeply and I write them into my stories. Then the tension the overload causes decreases a lot.

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        1. Definitely. Functioning “normally” in society, with 40-50 hor work weeks is extremely hard for me, but I do it and make it look easy. Please don’t know how difficult keep a “normal” work week is for me. Nobody sees me struggling, because I hold everything in until I get home. It’s hard when you “pass for normal” because when you do speak up people think that you are just making excuses or looking for special treatment.


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