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As I scrolled through my news feed, the following post stopped me in my tracks.

E is for Eugenics [Autism Acceptance Month] Eugenics, in this context, is the deliberate research into the identification of genetic markers for autism with the goal of prevention, as it is seen by those who participate, to be a genetic defect and undesirable trait. Autism Speaks says they are “dedicated to funding global biomedical research […]

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9 thoughts on “E is for Eugenics — The Bullshit Fairy”

  1. There is a test for DS and Spinia Bifida. I’m afraid if they can test for autism in a fetus that abortion would be used to murder unborn autistic people.

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    1. My fears exactly. I know people who have autistic family members, brothers, sisters, etc. and I’ve heard them say they would want to be able to opt out of having an AS child. I don’t know if I could handle having a child, and an AS child can be a lot of work (I know I was). Because of this I choose to have NO children. It is hard to say, but the idea of an Autistic genocide is truly terrifying.


  2. Eugenics has been tried before believe it or not and it has never worked. I don`t think its a good idea to just cut unwanted behaviours out of the human race. The behaviour may be unwanted by some but probably has a role to play for a population in general.Humans often don`t see the greater picture. We mess with nature at our peril!

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  3. I just wrote a blog about this called “What Autism is NOT” and one is that autism is not in need of a cure. Acceptance is the goal, not a cure. I want my son, and all his eccentricities, JUST THE WAY HE IS. What a sad world we would live in if everyone was the same. It takes all kinds. This makes me sad and pity the ignorant who subscribe to this.

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  4. I sympathize with your perspective here, but wanted to offer some consolation: I don’t think that there’s any genetic marker discovered that has proven valid for behavioral outcomes. Even neurophysiology tends to flame out on this one. There are correlations discovered, claimed as causation, and then the studies continue and the correlations disappear. Personality is so incredibly complex, and sensory processing is even more subtle. Anything can affect it – including maternal stress, chemical exposures, etc.

    So all-in-all, I don’t think that they’ll ever succeed in their quest – at least to no greater degree than the astrologists, who were probably to a large degree correlating behavior with the seasonal variation of diet during pregnancy

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      1. I may be biased by my observations of a specific family raising autistic children. Energy was focused on the obviously autistic sibling. As behavior patterns hardened in the parents, I saw what appeared to be a neurotypical child turn inwards and begin manifesting behaviors that eventually led to her diagnosis.

        This indicates to me that there are environmental factors that figure in the extent to which autism manifests in disruptive behavior. Those environmental factors may include some related to the artificiality of the world experienced by all of our children, as well as others related to immature spirituality (which is an almost universal human condition).

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