The Economist – Dealing with Autism -Beautiful Mind Wasted

How not to squander the potential of autistic people. 

This article, although it reads as quite cold and is definitely not from the perspective of an Aspie,  it brings up a good point and talks about problems Autistic people face in schools and the work place.

Autism is a condition that defies simple generalisations. Except one: the potential of far too many autistic people is being squandered. Although around half of those with autism are of average intelligence or above, they do far worse than they should at school and at work. In France, almost 90% of autistic children attend primary school, but only 1% make it to high school. Figures from America, which works harder to include autistic pupils, suggest that less than half graduate from high school. In Britain, only 12% of higher-functioning autistic adults work full time. Globally, the United Nations reckons that 80% of those with autism are not in the workforce.

Original article  by on The Economist


12 thoughts on “The Economist – Dealing with Autism -Beautiful Mind Wasted”

  1. Wasted, I must painfully agree, and disagree…
    I fluently speak 4 languages, write poetry in 3 languages, I can interpret simultaneously in 3 languages, being able to syntactically mix these languages, creating sometimes new words, effortlessly…
    Yet, for over half a century, no one bothered beyond, oh, wow, etc…
    I can identify a mistake in any orchestral performance, any vocal dissonance, and the result is oh, wow, again…
    And that’s not all, but I’m shy and comfortably numb (thanks Pink Floyd…) in my perfect world’s amazingly private universe…
    And yes, it hurts having these talents unused by THEM, and for a long time it did bother me, but it doesn’t anymore…
    Diamonds have to be discovered; WE are priceless within ourselves, and it’s the world’s duty to find US, work with US into revealing OUR wonderful facets and shine their light on US, if they want their light reflected in ways they’ve never seen before…
    Now that’s a wow, isn’t it?

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    1. We need to find our way. I see the point in making THEM find us, but I am so tired of being seen as a rough diamond that needs rounding and polishing. It hurts to be constantly rounded and polished. I am now a little shard of diamond, only good for a stylus of a record. That means I get to amplify someone else’s prerecorded music at a speed determined by someone else. No thanks.

      I want a world where the diamonds are content to dwell underground, undisturbed, or once found, are left as nature intended – and the inherent beauty admired. No rounding and polishing, please. All that happens is one bevomes a

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      1. …becomes a thing to be admired under a harsh light.

        Squandered potential is my pet gripe. It kills my soul to know Liberty of Thinking has these incredible talents that are not out there. We have to help each other shine in our world and not wait for the miners to find and exploit us. Our own businesses, our way, our ethics and our people. A trans national autistic business model.

        Think: Susan Boyle was hidden but relied upon a three letter word from that opportunist, Simon Cowell, to be allowed to burst upon the world. She was glorious long before she was rounded and polished.

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        1. Thank you @kaptionthisblog I feel deeply honoured by your kind comment. Nevertheless, as I said, I had to arrive at somewhat your conclusion, namely that even if “discovered” I don’t want to have my value/s adapted for anyone’s use… I’m tired of being swallowed up by grand schemes of “bigger pictures” of “shared interests”. I care about “forests” only at the level of individual trees I myself choose to stop by…
          Take care 🙂

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