Aspie Toolkit – 10 Things Every Aspie Should Have at All Times

1. Noise canceling headphones – to help take a break from your surroundings.Sometimes I need to check out to avoid sensory overload or block out distractions so I can work / focus on other things.

2. Sunglasses – for light sensitivities. I try to stay in the shade when outdoors but I need sunglasses even on rainy days (and sometimes indoors). I have special colored lenses to help with the florescent lights in stores and office.

3. Hats – Hats with brims are great to block out glaring lights. I also like hats that come down around my face on days that I do not feel like looking at people or being looked at. On sensory days or when I am tired, I honestly don’t have the energy to socialize with strangers – so I don’t.

4. Something to fiddle with – if you need a break / distraction Book, iPod, smart phone, or fidget toy such as a Rubix Cube. I like to always have an audio book or music available when I need a break. Don’t forget the headphones.

5. Hand wipes – If you have tactile sensitivities like I do, sticky hands will drive you crazy. It is nice to have something to clean up with – try to avoid scented wipes or find a smell you like.

6. A Snack – Sensitive stomach or just sensitive to tastes and textures in your mouth – regardless of the reason it is good to have something with you that you can eat if you are venturing out for the day. I get fuzzy and agitated when I am hungry.  I can’t think and my sensory issues get worse.

7. Something that smells good – My sense of smell is sensitive, public bathrooms, household cleaners, chemicals, and air fresheners all make me queasy. I like to have good scented lotion or perfume (that smells like food or candy) in my bag and apply when I need to smell something plesant / try to block out something obnoxious.

8. Gum / mints / candy – My stims are less obvious, possibly because I’ve turned to an oral fixation. I like to keep organic mints, candy, or gum in my bag. Personally I can not handle Aspartame or artificial sweeteners as they aggravate my stomach. I tend to be more sensitive to any non-organic chemicals than most people.

9. Take breaks! – Don’t be afraid to  excuse yourself  and step away and take a break if you need one. It is better to step away for a quiet moment alone than to have a tragically public meltdown / shutdown.

10. Know your limits – Pay attention to how you are feeling. Learn to recognize the signs that you are getting overwhelmed. I get a certain feeling that seems to increase as I get closer to a shutdown / meltdown. It normally starts with the lights getting brighter and sounds getting distorted. Next is a headache and general mind fuzziness.

Remember everyone is different. Autism really is a spectrum. The tips above are just some of the tools I use to stay Anonymously Autistic.


28 thoughts on “Aspie Toolkit – 10 Things Every Aspie Should Have at All Times”

  1. Great tips. I suffer from ME/CFS which makes me sensitive and intolerant of the environment, noise, smells, etc — these tips would work for me also. Just add in – bring a blanket so you can lie down when you need to whereever you are.

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  2. Great list! These are things I want to put together in a backpack for my son to have at all times. We do some of this like aromatherapy and headphones but these are all great, thanks!

    I am getting ready to write some things up about my son’s experiences in middle school so far. This list is a great tool that parents can make sure their child has.

    Do you mind if I use this post as my inspiration for a ‘yet to have a catchy name – backpack’ for kids with special needs? Of course credit will be given and a link back!

    I am not sure still about the etiquette of things like this. Is this reblogging or is reblogging just a few sentences and then your article shows? I am scared to hit the dang button, lol!

    I like to write my own post, talk about the inspiration you gave to me, share my ideas, and refer back to the originator. Is that reblogging and should I ask? LOL, maybe I will just copy and paste this comment as a post on my blog and see what people say!

    But how do you prefer to have it donefrom your posts? You inspire me all of the time. You might get tired of me asking!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. I think if you hit reblog and add your own content with the original post OR do a quote and manually do a link nack. I would be honored if you take inspiration from me. Please steal any of my ideas you think are helpful / inspirational!


  3. Hi Anna!
    I recently came across a little Kickstarter campaign, and it reminded me of having read this post in the past. I am not connected to the campaign (which ends in 19 days), but I wanted to share it here in case it fit a sort of niche for “acceptable” stimming – even if that’s not their explicit purpose. Best!


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