Are Girls with Autism Being Overlooked?

Are Girls with Autism Being Overlooked? – Yes I think they are.

Another article that I cannot take credit for but worth sharing.

While she was growing up, Fiona Pettit O’Leary sensed that she was not the same as her peers. She explains that living her day-to-day life was exhausting because “there was an ever-present feeling of disconnection.” Along the way, she experienced anxiety, depression, anorexia, and suicidality—making an attempt on her life at age 18. It wasn’t until she was married with kids on the spectrum, however, that she began looking into autism more. Only then did the light click on: she had Asperger’s. A formal diagnosis confirmed this.

Is autism truly as male-dominated as we’ve thought, or have girls with autism been slipping through the cracks?

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4 thoughts on “Are Girls with Autism Being Overlooked?”

  1. I can relate and agree girls are overlooked and given some other diagnosis or label instead of autism.I still wonder Do I have autism? I question myself all the time,I read about autism.and I have a son in the spectrum.It has just occured to me if my son had been born atypical I would still be living a life without answers;never knowing it wasnt my fault. I was the child who could never do anything right.But even now I think to myself You dont have autism,you are just looking for an excuse for being a failure.And then I think autism fits me,it explains why I didnt talk until four,it explains why my baby pictures look the way they do I had no smile no facial expression,just a blank face.Autism explains why my mother described me as being Eyore from winne the pooh bland and with flat voice no emotion and she described me as Lucy from Charlie Brown exploding into a rage of anger with no warning. I would explode when I BECAME OVER stimulated and when I was extremly tired but was expected to stay awake or complete a task or whatever it was that prevented me from going into my closet with my comfy pillow,alone,in the dark,in the absolute silence As I am writing this I picture the closet and my body began to relax,the comfort I felt way back then touches me now.I dont know when I had to give up the closet ,probally when I was eight.I do remember calling a suicide hotline when I was 22 years old and telling the lady I was in my closet and if I could just stay in my closet I would be okay,it calmed me.But of course what kind of person wants to hide away in a closet at 22 years old? A crazy person thats who. Am I just a crazy bitch looking for excuses or do I have autism?


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