Remrov Speaks at the Autism Speaks Walk Montreal 2016

First off – I cannot take credit for the following video. All content belongs to the original artist linked below. This post has been shared in order to spread a message / educate / inspire.

Let’s set aside the controversy surrounding Autism Speaks in order to support someone who is out there spreading the message that Autism is only a “disability” when we are expected to act Neurotypical.

Please do check out Remrov’s channel (Remrov’s World of Autism) on


7 thoughts on “Remrov Speaks at the Autism Speaks Walk Montreal 2016”

  1. I don’t know. I am actually shocked at all the background noise whilst she is speaking. I am surprised she didn’t stop and waited for people to quiet down. Also is it just me, but I have a problem with the expression ‘autistic savant’? It doesn’t sound human. It sounds like describing some sort of weird, wild creature with super-human abilities. I am worried that it’s perpetuating the image of people with autism as strange ‘out of this world’ creatures. I think it’s important that people understand, that autistic people are one of ‘us’. If anything, a more hyper-sensitive version of a ‘neurotypical’ human.

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    1. I agree, but that is the artist’s own terminology – so I left it in the original wording. Not my favorite term either – sounds a bit medical and cold for my taste but not my place to question someone’s own personal preference when describing themselves. 😉

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly! Remrov has some really great content that has made explaining a few things to someone unfamiliar with autism a lot easier for me, as in …here click this button and listen to someone else explain why I don’t want a phone 🙂 Thanks for the post!!

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  3. Wow, kudos to Remrov for going out there in that noisy crowd, punctured with screams of small kids and non-stop chatter-amplified. She didn’t even have any ear protection. I don’t know if she struggles with auditory processing. Due to my neuro-makeup, I could never go to an event like that. I’m glad others with ASD can.

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