Staying AnonymouslyAutistic – Tip 1

Learn to be lightheaded and make jokes about life (including yourself when appropriate). Don’t take things personally. Some people will never understand you, but that doesn’t matter if you are able to learn about yourself.

Aspie tip # 1 – Laugh it off whenever you can.


5 thoughts on “Staying AnonymouslyAutistic – Tip 1”

  1. Great advice for anyone in life.

    Now days society focuses on being so serious that we sometimes tend to forget that we are not some super humans capable of doing everything to perfection. We will screw up, and if we don’t learn to lighten our lives a little bit then what joy is there in everyday actions?

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    1. That is true. My ultimate goal is for this website to be helpful for anyone who reads it, but I definitely will be sticking to issues that resonate with many Aspies – since many of us often feel like things “weren’t made for us”.

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