Pokemon Go Gets My Son With Autism to Play Outside

More good things from my news feed. More positive stories about Autism and Pokemon Go. Today I came across a post by Elizabeth W. Barnes contributor to The Mighty. Once again – I can NOT take credit for this post – please do check out the full article via the link below. 🙂

The boy who fantasized about his whole summer being in front of his computer was voluntarily outside walking around.

I set up the game so it can’t access things I don’t want it to, and I walk with him to make sure he does not trip or injure himself while playing.

We have seen others out and about on the hunt in our otherwise sleepy neighborhood — kids with their tell-tale phones in hand, stopping to look around them, looking at the phones, and then moving on.

We stop, say hi, share our experiences, and then continue the hunt.

He commented regularly how it would be more fun if he were hunting dinosaurs instead of Pokemon, but he also showed clear signs of enjoying himself. His being willing to leave the house was a huge sign, and to me a big deal.

Please check out the original post by Elizabeth here.



2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Gets My Son With Autism to Play Outside”

  1. My son also has Autism, he is middle spectrum, with associated dyspraxia and chronic aural and motor tics, and at 13 he spends most of his time at home alone in his room playing Xbox and 3ds. I might have a bash at getting him on Pokémon go if it will get him out and about 🙂 xx

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