I Said No (To Something I’d Been Looking Forward to)

Every time I publish a blog about being tough and pushing yourself, there are always comments complaining that I am not paying enough attention to self care.

Yes it is possible to practice self care while pushing yourself. I do it every single day.

In the morning, when my sensory issues bother me the most, it is hard for me to get out of bed but I PUSH myself to do it anyway because I know the pain is only temporary. I try to brush my teeth, because doing so is good for me, but if the sensation is too much to handle on any given day I will stop.

I like to touch my limits, but I am very careful to be respectful of them. Pushing too far is not helpful to anyone.

Some things just suck too much to push through, like last night. I awoke to a spinning room and gargling stomach just after two am. Finally, after four hours of vomiting,  I am able to fall asleep.

When I wake up at eight I feel much better but my stomach is still tender and my body weak. I’d been looking forward to going out to lunch with my friend, but I  texted her to reschedule this morning. Today I need to rest and take care of myself. I also need to work (thank goodness I work from home).

Once again pushing myself while being respectful to what my limits are at this moment. I can handle working from home under a pile of blankets right now, but would not be able to handle doing anything in public.

Pushing. Pulling. Finding the right balance and never giving up.




8 thoughts on “I Said No (To Something I’d Been Looking Forward to)”

  1. ” Yes it is possible to practice self care while pushing yourself. I do it every single day.”

    Thanks for touching on this idea. It’s a really important one, and even though it’s a tough balance to achieve, I think it’s an invaluable skill to learn.

    It sounds like you made the right call today !

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  2. The right balance is important. Finding my own is hard, but at 36, I’m moving past people pressure and only have to watch my mood and sensory diet as well as pacing myself.

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  3. thanks so much for pointing out that mornings are difficult for you, when sensory issues bother you the most. My 6 yr old son has ASD and is often very bad tempered in the mornings – I think I’ve just realised why now thanks to your post! I think its great that you understand yourself enough to know when to plough on and when to take a step back. thanks for this post.

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    1. So glad you found this helpful. I actually only recently, through much self reflection on why I hate mornings so much (since my perky spouse is a cheerful early bird). I’ve learned that if I don’t like something – it is important to really look at myself / the situation to find out the real reasons for my negative feelings. (Random Buddhist things that have helped me to conquer the darker sides of my Autism.)

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