Staying Anonymously Autistic – Tip 5 (Don’t Have Meltdowns in Public)

Nothing gets the attention of the room quite like an adult lying on the floor curled in a ball crying. If you truly want to be Anonymously Autistic it is extremely important to keep your meltdowns to yourself.

Meltdowns happen, I get it but most neurotypicals don’t. They’ve never felt the panic and pain of a meltdown and do not have the ability to truly understand what we are going through.

It is important to stay well rested and learn to spot signs that a meltdown is becoming imminent. I always try to have an exist strategy when I go somewhere even if it’s just a bathroom, to my own car, or for a walk.

When I have a meltdown being around other people is the last thing I want anyway. Its easier for me to recover if I am left alone. People look at you helpless, desperate to make you feel better, not knowing the best help they can give is to leave you alone.

Aspie Tip # 5 – No Public Meltdowns


11 thoughts on “Staying Anonymously Autistic – Tip 5 (Don’t Have Meltdowns in Public)”

  1. A lockable bathroom is one of my best friends.
    I’ve learned to control or hide my extreme feelings better with age, but I still sometimes break down in front of my husband, so matter how hard I try to hide it. He just always knows.

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  2. Prevention techniques like recognizing your triggers (mine are almost all sensory-crying kids is an example) and not pushing; pretending to act “normal”, but retreating is important. I go a step further by taking someone who knows me well and how to handle stress with me. I found I could not go out into public and not constantly be stressing. I can’t say that they will NEVER happen, but recognizing the signs of high anxiety, dizziness (disorientation), feeling the need to hit self or’s time to leave-for my safety and that of others. I’ve had mall security called on me. My mom was with me, but she still had to BEG them not to have me arrested. I melt down like a male. I better recognize my triggers now. Not perfect, but better.


  3. Cornered by a P&C parent at my daughters’ school, I was pulled off the ground by the principal and taken to his office. I hate public meltdowns, and NTs seem to think we could control it if we wanted.


  4. Hi AA, did you know that the picture you used is the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary, with the Parliament on the far left, and the Presidential Palace in the far right? 🙂
    As for meltdowns, I’m scared of them, the best I can do is leaving the premises as soon as I can…
    Not always works 😦

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  5. I generally go to the bathroom if I can. I hate when I am somewhere I can’t and then I start crying,like when I got my new glasses and there was a problem with them. My mother was with me and found the incident embarrassing.

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