Amythest Schaber – Ask an Autistic – What are Autistic Meltdowns?

I’ve been going through what I would believe some people call Autistic Burnout.

My sensory processing difficulties have been more debilitating and I am averaging about 3-5 full blown meltdowns a month.

When I say full blown meltdowns I mean, 4-6 hours of pure hell followed by another 24-48 hours feeling weak and sick recovering from the intensity.

Amythest Schaber is one of my favorite YouTube hosts. Pleas follow her page and check out her AMAZING content!

She explains things so well verbally. I am in awe of her talent.

See video HERE!


8 thoughts on “Amythest Schaber – Ask an Autistic – What are Autistic Meltdowns?”

  1. I am sorry you are struggling. Prayers for feeling better soon. Are your meltdowns physical? Mine are: swearing and self injuring accompanied with screaming. It’s like a storm that has to blow itself out. I avoid more than I ever did when my mom was still alive and home with me. I have to survive. Fortunately, my older sister has stepped up and has become a 180 to how she used to handle me.

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    1. Mine causes physical sickness. I have to curl in a ball in a dark room. If anyone touches, talks to, makes noise, or makes me talk, I will start convulsing and throwing out. I have to be left alone to heal or it wont stop. It is really horrible and I feel weak for hours after. 😦

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      1. That’s the best thing to do. Disconnect both online and off as much as you can until you are ready to re-engage. Best wishes with the psychologist. Therapy has helped me. So does medication for anxiety.

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