Autistic Confession – I Still Do Best With A Visual Schedule

I know it’s a bit stereotypical, but I learned to keep my schedule written out in front of me and always had a calendar / appointment book with my schedule and due dates handy.

When I was younger I was the dorky kid with a Casio electronic organizer and planner.

As an adult, these tools have evolved. Thanks to modern technology I am able to use Google Calendars and Outlook to stay organized. My mobile phone allows me to access these things easily from anywhere. Everyone has a phone these days so I hardly stand out because of this.

It is important that I use my calendar, and check it regularly otherwise I forget to do things and miss appointments. I need my calendar to be an efficient adult.


3 thoughts on “Autistic Confession – I Still Do Best With A Visual Schedule”

  1. I don’t have autism but I do exactly the same. Since developing anxiety I forget everything I have to have things text to me or letters sent out and keep them in my bag otherwise I forget about them. I can’t use a calendar as I forget to check it and my phone ringing jolts me so I can’t set reminders either

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