The Aspie World -AUTISM MELTDOWN – What Is A Meltdown?

I am currently averaging 2-4 meltdowns a month. I hate them so much and can never explain them to my loved ones.

The hardest part is that I know I look like an irrational crying child and there is nothing I can do to stop the reaction once I’ve been pushed passed the tipping point.

The Aspie World – one of my favorite YouTubers. Talks about Meltdowns in the following video. Please subscribe to The Aspie World on YouTube.


9 thoughts on “The Aspie World -AUTISM MELTDOWN – What Is A Meltdown?”

  1. I have to take several medications in order not to lose it. Some do cause drowsiness, like Klonopin, which I take for acute anxiety. Mood stabilizers help with impulsivity and an anti-depressant. I also have to take special birth control due to pre menstrual dysphoria. It is wonderful to only have PMS 4 times a year. I require a lot of maintenance to remain functioning in a home setting. Maybe talk it over with your doctor? I am terrified of having another meltdown and the police being called only to hurt me. I feel like I am the only one with an IQ above 70 who is severely autistic.

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    1. Thank you SO much for sharing. I honestly do not think you are the ONLY one, but see how it can feel that way. I think there are a LOT of Aspies out there who are intelligent but my have not scored well on an IQ test or are non verbal so people have no idea what goes on beneath the surface. There is also a theory that being MORE intelligent may actually be linked to being more severely Autistic. Like – IQ tests are NOT a fair measurement of intelligence at all… For example Carly Fleischmann – co author of Carly’s voice – did not present well and everyone THOUGHT she had no idea what was going on around her. TRULY my favorite book. I can’t imagine being non verbal all the time. I am frustrated enough when I have trouble getting words out in front of strangers and when I am nervous. . . . I am SO glad she is writing!

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  2. That’s interesting about the theory. I hope it holds water. It seems, the way the media portrays autism, that non-verbal and lower IQ= greater severity. I have seen 2 of Carly’s videos (I’m not a reader) & agree she is doing much good for those with autism. Technology is not all bad. I stay in touch with family more due to the texting option on my phone.

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      1. I get audio cds from the library from time to time. I can’t afford them otherwise. I can’t borrow online from my library as my iPod is old. Thanks for asking.


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