Melissa McGlensey – 14 People With Sensory Processing Disorder Describe What It Feels Like – The Mighty

I’ve been really addicted to reading on The Mighty’s website. They have created a positive and supportive webpage filled with great stories and advice for others who live through the struggles that many of us face from day to day.

In the following article, which I can take absolutely NO credit for, Melissa McGlensey of The Mighty, shares how people describe what Sensory Processing Disorder feels like.

“It’s like having the worst hangover you can imagine. The rustle of newspaper can make your ears buzz the same way they would if you were listening to really loud music. People talking can make you cringe because it sounds so loud. Sunlight can literally feel like you are blinded. At my worst, I cannot tolerate any light. It’s like your brain is going to explode because it can’t handle the stimulation. It’s really scary, upsetting and can make one very anxious.” — Hay Green

“All of the sensory input your mind normally tunes out can start to overwhelm your conscious mind. It’s like when you become aware of your blinking and notice every blink for a few seconds, but more extreme. Trying to push past the hyper-awareness of every noise and touch will take away any amount of patience and attention you had for what you were doing. It makes it very hard to interact ‘normally’ because you are so caught up in your own head.” — Elizabeth Engel

“Suddenly everything is too loud, too bright, too much, and you just want to run to a dark, quiet corner to curl up in for hours.” — Sarah Whiting

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4 thoughts on “Melissa McGlensey – 14 People With Sensory Processing Disorder Describe What It Feels Like – The Mighty”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post as it is the most disabling part of my autism. I will share my comment from The Mighty have autism and spd. Every screaming child, barking dog and firecracker make me want to kill myself. I wouldn’t, of course, but the acute startle and resulting loss of control and the resulting anticipatory anxiety can be so bad that I have to take extra tranquilizer medication and Zzz Quil. I can’t work or live independently due to my SPD and chronic migraines, partly brought on by acute anxiety and partly hormones as well as low pressure fronts. I limit my exposure to public places and many of them are not enjoyable at all for me. I limit my time out-anyplace. I take lots of meds and use headphones-noise cancelling and passive. I also have white noise on all over my house.
    This is the biggest reason I feel isolated from the rest of the autism spectrum. My specific problem noises and lack of being able to be in their presence.


      1. Thank you 🙂 I do get out in nature when someone can take me. Its been hard with hot temps where I live, but they are cooling a bit now. I love to photograph nature.

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