Amythest Schaber – Ask an Autistic – What is Autistic Burnout?

I am having some difficulties and may need to scale back on my actives. I had even asked myself the question – Am I becoming MORE Autistic?

Could it be that new responsibilities and a change in routine are to blame?

One of my favorite Autistic bloggers, Amythest Schaber, talks about Autistic Burnout in the YouTube video below. Although I LOVE her content I can take NO credit for it. Please follow Amythest on YouTube.

See video HERE.


4 thoughts on “Amythest Schaber – Ask an Autistic – What is Autistic Burnout?”

    1. I really love her videos. I have a hard time stringing thoughts together out loud so I ramble and don’t come off well on tape. I also have to make a million cuts…. because – words. Ugh.. lol SO glad she can speak on camera for us who can not!


  1. Here is a topic I need to hear about: autism symptoms both worsening and improving, both, in adolescence. I felt “less autistic” as a child. I felt “extremely autistic” from 15 on.

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    1. I agree. I was worse as a child. Better but more angry and explosive as a teen, and got MUCH worse again as I entered a new job at 27. There are some who suggest the worsening of symptoms can be set off by a lot of things – stress, change in situations, hormones, diet change, sleep change, the list goes on and one… I an trying desperately to unravel this mystery for myself right now. Unfortunately I do not have an answer.


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