Ask an Autistic – What is Alexithymia? (Difficulty Expressing Your Emotions)

I was VERY excited when I logged onto YouTube today and saw that Amythest Schaber had posted a video. This video goes over something that I have always struggled with and have never been able to express.

I suffer from extreme anxiety – however I do not always know how I feel. My body is going through VERY intense symptoms physical symptoms of anxiety but mentally I tend to be unaware of the anxiety building.

I have a very hard time with cognitive empathy but when I am near someone who is feeling strong emotions I often feel their feelings inside me. I do not like to be around people when they are having strong emotions.

Sometimes someone else’s emotion may influence me without me even realizing my mood has changed. It is wild how it creeps up. Mindfulness and writing help me. I have to make an effort to pay attention to what my body is doing.

Please check out Amythest Schaber on Youtube and subscribe to her for more GREAT content. I can take NO credit for her video.

See video HERE!


11 thoughts on “Ask an Autistic – What is Alexithymia? (Difficulty Expressing Your Emotions)”

  1. Reblogged this on Under Your Radar and commented:
    This is a really helpful video. Just within the past few years, I realized that I was confusing physical feelings with emotions and believing I was a lot more emotionally upset than I really was. My moods lifted as son as I started feeling better. It was very interesting to observe – how when pressed for an explanation about my feelings about myself, I realized (logically) that I wasn’t feeling badly emotionally, but I was feeling poorly physically. Fascinating.

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  2. Thank you for posting this. I finally have something i can nail to my difficulty expressing emotions. It makes me feel so relieved that there is a label to it and i finally know it, and that it is a real thing. I’m probably on the more impared side of Alexithymia. The odd thing is my problem is specifically with my own emotions. With other peoples o get the feeling i can understand how they feel, but i just cant put it into words when it comes to myself. It’s so strange. Im going to be reposting this under my other reblogs as well.


    1. I can SO relate to EVERYTHING you just said! I felt the same way when I heard about the term. The one thing that has helped me is practicing mindfulness and the journaling with a focus on feelings. Sometimes my feelinfs hit me on a delay. It is so strange. Meditation is also helpful.


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