Dear Society… Signed, Autism | Daniel Share-Strom | TEDxYorkUSalon

Daniel is a 26 year old man on the Autism spectrum. Like many of us, he “hates toothbrushes, loud noises, and brushing his hair.”

Autistic people are often summed up by the things that cause us problems. The world likes to focus on the negative aspects of Autism or the parts of Autism that make us different.

People with Autism grow up feeling broken and not believing in themselves – I know I’ve felt these things myself (although finding out I was Autistic helped me to accept myself more).

Awareness is not the same thing as understanding. Knowing Autism exists is not the same thing as understanding real Autistic people and their needs.

People are aware of the stigmas and the stereotypes without truly understanding us. Good intentions are great, but we need positive actions.

I can take NO credit for Daniel’s Ted Talk  below. It is amazing and shows great perspective.


9 thoughts on “Dear Society… Signed, Autism | Daniel Share-Strom | TEDxYorkUSalon”

  1. Thank you for sharing Daniel’s Ted X talk. I wonder if our society will ever slow down enough and put down their phones to be accepting. My problem with my autism is that it goes like this: I enjoy blogging and getting out in nature. I am a nature photographer. No, I can’t drive and there are days when I am not feeling well enough to function due to my neuromakeup. People wind up asking me things that inevitably bring out the need to list and explain my weaknesses.

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    1. Yeah. I work at a company that is VERY social. They like happy hours, going to the hottest (and loudest) places. As a perk they treat us out for free A LOT. I’ve tried to explain that I am not that social and I have tried saying that I really don’t enjoy the types of places our team does. There is an invisible expectation (that someone had to tell me about) I attended all these things or risk looking ungrateful. This is the part of my job that will kill me. The “fun” parts. Ironic isn’t it?

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      1. I recently was unfriended by someone who wouldn’t”’ take no as an answer for not attending a wedding after explaining my sensory i issues many times. And this person wants acceptance for their mental illness. 1 less selfishness person to try and make me feel bad.


        1. I am done with people who can not accept me as I am – and my VERY small social cup is part of that. It is hard because I can really handle one social thing a week and if work takes up that social thing than I have nothing left for friends. . . and they don’t understand when I don’t have the energy for them. Can not ditch work because you look like a bad employee.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing Daniel’s Ted Talk We are in Atlanta, GA today where he will give the keynote speech at the Centers for Disease Control–it’s there annual Autism Awareness event. The talk is all about how lack of UNDERSTANDING is killing us as adults.

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