30 Pieces of Advice for Employers Working With People With Autism

One of my Favorite contributors who blogs about Autism on The MightyMelissa McGlensey , shares 30 things that all employers should know and remember about Autism.

The Mighty teamed up with Autism Society to ask their readers for advice they’d offer employers about working with people with autism for this piece. Below are only a few of my favorite.

“First you have you give [people with autism] a job, a chance to try. Without that, nothing else matters.” — Teresa Duncan Johnson

“Understand that people with autism have a different way of thinking.” — Brian Mah

“Keep in mind it will be different for everybody. The fact that you once met your neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s friend with autism does not mean you understand autism. Each person is unique.” — Tarina Beatty

“Don’t judge us, especially if we stim.” — Mandy Rain

“If all your employees were as dedicated, had such meticulous attention to detail, were as honest and reliable as people with autism, you wouldn’t have any concerns.” — Cheryl Joyce

“You might have the best and most loyal worker on your hands when you learn to tap into their strengths.” — Marisa Ulrich

Please check out The Mighty (one of my favorite websites) and read the full article (which I can take NO credit for) here.


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