Living on a Double Rainbow

Amazing post from Aspergirlsanon! A pure wish that so many of us can relate to.

I dream of a day when people won’t look at me like I’m crazy or being dishonest when I tell them I am Autistic. I dream of a day when I won’t have to work to “look normal” or “fit in”. Without true awareness and self advocacy by Autistics for Autistics this can never happen.

We all must write. We must speak for ourselves and not let big organizations lead by Neurotypical people speak for us. Aspies – it is up to us!

I can take no credit for the text below, but please do check out the ASPERGIRLSANON blog for more great content.

“I don’t want to hide my sexuality OR my neurodiversity. I want to be out at work, to show people I can do a job just as well as anyone even though I may struggle with relating to my colleagues. Other aspects of the job, I may do better than them. I want to be out to my neurotypical friends, so they will understand if I respond unusually or need to shut down for a while. The world needs different types of brain. We are different, not less.”

Read the full blog here.

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Imagine if you had to go through an assessment to establish your sexuality? You have been thinking for a while that something might be “wrong” with you. You find it increasingly difficult to fit in with your straight friends. Maybe you’re getting palpitations when the women’s football team comes on although you have absolutely no interest in football, or you just find those inflatable willies at hen parties worse than ridiculous. You go to your doctor who says “You seem to be exhibiting gay behaviour – your listening to Abba and wearing checked shirts and loafers is a strong indication.” You’re then sent for a 3-hour interrogation with a specialist who probes into your childhood with intrusive questions: “Did you prefer playing with Barbie? Or Ken? Did you watch other women getting intimate with each other? Did your mother not teach you enough about fashion, make-up and being a dainty…

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