Lydia Andal Author of Am I Autistic Mentioned My Blog on Her Website

People are talking about the Anonymously Autistic Blog! I really LOVED Lydia’s book and am so grateful for the compliment. Thank you SO MUCH!

Here is a link to an article I thought was useful entitled “10 Things I Wish People Knew About Dating Someone on the Autism Spectrum By Kerry Magro”. I found a link to this article on the excellent ‘Anonymously Autistic’ blog which you can read here.

Lydia Andal author of Am I Autistic  (A Guide to Autism & Asperger’s Self-Diagnosis for Adults: Includes the Personal Journey of a Self-Diagnosed Autistic) on the Q&A Section of her website here.


11 thoughts on “Lydia Andal Author of Am I Autistic Mentioned My Blog on Her Website”

  1. You know I’m afraid to say this too loud but after taking care of my daughter, I notice so many similarities between her and my own childhood. Then I looked at adult symptoms and it explains so much.

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      1. Yes, I’ve read that but at this point in my life what good would it do me? I am now aware of so many sensory things that use to bother me but had no idea why and just figured that’s how it was for everyone or I just didn’t quite realize that was the cause…I was just irritable or anxious. Then I started paying attention and following the irritability to the root and well you know

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        1. It took me a while to start looking into a formal diagnosis. For me the final call was made when I was worried that my “less social” nature and having to leave work early all the time might be making me look like I don’t appreciate my job. I want to have the diagnosis in case something I do that is “an Aspie thing” gets me into trouble. Also I cry hysterically if the police pull me over. It looks bad. I am worried about protecting my liability. 😦


  2. I wonder if those that have sensory issues can still benefit from sensory therapy…if you know anything about neuroplasticity, I think it’s possible but may not have as quick of results as a child

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