Autistic Confessions – Stimming at Work

I stim my entire hour and a half long commute. Then I take breaks and stim on my own during the work day.

I stim in private or whenever I find myself alone. I wish it wasn’t shameful to stim in public as an adult.

I feel like a breastfeeding mother shamed into feeding her baby in a bathroom stall.

Stimming helps me to get through my day but our corporate clients are not ready to face the truth that is Autism.


26 thoughts on “Autistic Confessions – Stimming at Work”

  1. I wish that stimming wasn’t shameful for you as well. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what “stimming” meant. Obviously I have since utilized Google.

    “I feel like a breastfeeding mother shamed into feeding her baby in a bathroom stall.” – Just as a breastfeeding mother who is providing nutrients to her infant…you stim to get through your day. This should not still be an issue … I can only hope (as I know you do) that one day the stigmas will disappear. More awareness…never stop writing and making people aware. Thanks for teaching me something this morning.

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  2. It’s strange you know, how many of us think alike. Several times this past week I have been considering various things to write about, and then later on I’m going through other peoples posts and someone else has been thinking about the same things I have, but instead of sitting there thinking, they’ve been doing and writing about them. I have been thinking for several days of writing a post about stimming and also including various items it’s possible to buy so we can stim surreptitiously. What sort of things do you use to stim with, or do you have a favourite?

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    1. Please do write about stimming! It is a wonderful tool for self regulation that Autistic children are often shamed for. I like jobs that let me use my hands. I rock and do LOTS of hand movements and snaps. I also spin my ring and use a beaded meditation bracelet.

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  3. So we can handle a society where people can ridicule people who are different because it’s ‘banter’ but we can’t handle people who are different who are holding their shit together however best they can because it’s too awkward for everyone else?!?! I know who should be made to feel
    ashamed and it’s not those who stim.

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  4. Stimming at work is sometimes when I need it most. I find ways to stim around others without them knowing I’m stimming like flicking my phone screen side to side it looks like I’m just looking at my phone. But when I need those really big, intense stims like wrist flicking, head tapping, etc. I usually do them in private though working in a school that’s very hard to find. Though sometimes around people I trust at school I’ll do it in front of them they’re used to it by now.
    Many people aren’t ready for stimming, fingers crossed one day they will be.

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  5. I used to rock my crib across the room and still must almost always be in perpetual motion to avoid fidgeting. I got asked to stop it by relatives as it made them nervous, but my ADHD male cousin got to do what he wanted-like running around and flicking light switches on and off or teasing cats and was laughed off.

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