Ask an Autistic: Living Atypically – “Coming Out”

Just made a comment today on Wrong Planet talking about how, in many ways, coming out as Autistic can be just as hard if not harder than coming out as gay or bisexual.

People have so many preconceived ideas about what Autism is and how I – as a woman who blends in well – does NOT fit that idea. Often I feel like I am “in the closet” because people don’t really understand Autism. They don’t understand me.


Because I also suffer from Alexithymia it is especially hard for me to talk about my Autism with certain people.

I can take NO credit for Amythest Schaber‘s video. Please check her out and subscribe to her channel.

See video HERE!


5 thoughts on “Ask an Autistic: Living Atypically – “Coming Out””

  1. I must say I am inclined to agree with you, because either way we’re coming out and admitting we’re not a part of the norm. It can be hard, especially if it comes with challenging peoples preconceived ideas of a person with autism looks like.

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