Stupid Comments Made To Those With Disabilities and Illnesses

I really needed some humor today but Shabaz Says‘s YouTube video, although funny, hits very close to home.

I have an invisible disability. I am Autistic and have sensory processing disorder and an additional diagnosis of Social Anxiety disorder. Nobody can see these things but people often are dismissive and tell me to “get over it”.

Take note of the message in this video and remember that these are things you don’t say to or about ANYONE Autistic or otherwise.

I can take NO credit for the video below. Please subscribe to Shabaz Says‘s channel you YouTube for more great content.

See video HERE!


One thought on “Stupid Comments Made To Those With Disabilities and Illnesses”

  1. this was great. I’m glad you posted and shared this. Before my disabilities became visible a year or so ago I know exactly what you mean, sometimes though it seems now that they are more obvious (needing oxygen for my lung disease) it seems to give them more license to make comments sometimes. This all sounds so familiar :). But I’ve even had people giving me dirty looks as I’m loading my oxygen tank(s) in & out of my car. It really caught me off guard at first. Not saying it’s right, just saying some people have what shall we say? “No home training” & are not afraid to show it.

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