Asperger’s Girl- Pro’s and Con’s to getting a diagnosis

I am under the impression that getting a diagnosis, even as an adult, can be helpful but everyone is different and paying $1000 or more out of pocket to see a professional may not be an option for some people.

Before seeking out a formal diagnosis, I had already accepted my autism but realized that being diagnosed could help me to ask for things I needed and explain why there are some things that I struggle with. It protects me from liability and will allow me to request accommodation of future employers, airlines, hotels, and people around me and more.

Amazing AsperGirl Anja Melissa talks about the pro’s and con’s to getting a diagnosis. I can take NO credit for her video. Please subscribe to Anja’s channel on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “Asperger’s Girl- Pro’s and Con’s to getting a diagnosis”

  1. Again, pardon my ignorance on this subject. I do not see why it would be so hard to obtain a dx of autism. I ask because I want to learn more about what my brother must endure. Thank you for your help!

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    1. So the problem with “High Functioning” or Aspergers level Aspies. I hate the term high functioning because it is completely subjective.

      For me – I make effort to blend in and if I don’t tell you what is going on or start stimming (which I only do in private) you would never have a clue that I am Autistic. I had to explain this to my doctor but Autistic people also tend to have communication problems – so conveying all this can be difficult.

      I had to type things out. I also don’t always know how to describe how I feel. A lot of women are misdiagnosed with several similar conditions (bipolar, ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders) because we blend in so well – but “passing” is a survival skill.

      If you learn to be “passing” all the time you are constantly in a state of fight or flight and you forget how to be your normal authentic autistic self. Hope that helps. 🙂

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      1. Actually, it does help. Thank you! My brother was told he had anxiety issues as well as depression and other “mis-readings”. He has over the years learned to fit in as well as he could. He now sees that is not the best thing for him to do. He is learning to be able to tell others when he needs to have down time. For him a lack of external stimuli, rest, and time with Jesus helps him tremendously.

        Thank you for answering my questions when I have them. I hope you do not mind my asking.


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