Temple Grandin – AST Speaker Series

Temple talks about how to set up Autistic children for success. I agree with eveything she says.

Autism Spectrum Therapies posted the following video of my hero, Temple Grandin. Obviously I can take no credit for her words but they  were definitely worth sharing. Please check out their channel for more great content.

I am going to make a rule – not more being a recluse… unless I have to.



11 thoughts on “Temple Grandin – AST Speaker Series”

  1. I really could use that no recluse rule. The thing is i love my computer game and i love to write. Though i dont do nearly enough writing/reading for a writer. So i really should try and get out more. At least get out somewhere and write or read a book. I also face frequent what i call “burnouts” and i feel like when i have those moments i have to be.a reculse. So i need to figure out something that works for me.
    I had heard some about changing the computer screen/paper color to help with jiggling text on a scteen. I have my background on my chats for texts green so i can read the text okay.

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      1. Indeed. When i do get the chance to be creative it does help. I’m working on a fiction piece for a class, but really, writing fiction to me doesnt “seem” a job, or a hassle. The only problem i have at the moment is I’m still a good deal short on my story that is due Sunday Night. I also just recently had a piece workshopped in a workshop narrative class im taking. That was exhausting. I’m trying to fight burnout, and i realized i forgot my meds this morning so today will be interesting.

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      1. Mine too! We used her equipment in therapy, I tried it too, and loved it! As a child, my favorite to hide was under my bed which was a very tight fit, I loved to be the bottom of the dog pile with my siblings. We are all here for a reason, yours is clear, to tell the world what it ‘feels’ like. I’m really enjoying your blog, not finished yet, but keep them coming please!

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