Autism is Full of Misunderstandings

Autism is marked by impaired communication abilities so it would make since that Autistic people often feel confused and misunderstood.

I don’t pick up on subtle social cues and hints. If you don’t tell me something directly, I’ll miss it. If something is implied I might not catch it.

Your annoyed face may not be registered in my brain – so if I am ticking you off I probably won’t know until you blow up in my face. If that happens I am completely caught off guard and have no clue what I did wrong.

I sometimes process things on a delay. I think it’s because of the amount of information I am able to take in at one time. There is so much to process that my brain saves some information for later and I may not process it for seconds, minutes, or days. This makes for inefficient conversations.

I have alexithymia and inappropriate affect so my face may not always be appropriate for the situation or conversation. Sometimes I laugh when people give be bad news. Apparently you should NOT laugh when someone tells you their mother has just passed away.

People often misunderstand my intentions. When I am too quiet people think I am hiding things and when I talk too much I am “selfishly” dominating a conversation. I don’t mean to do either of these things though.

When I am quiet it is because I lack confidence. I am painfully aware that I have trouble with timing in conversations. Sometimes it is easier for me not to talk so people don’t think I am rude.

When I am relaxed and with friends I tend to talk too much and over everyone. All my observations are from my point of view because I can’t take other people’s perspectives easily which makes me sound self centered.

Conversations are like a chess game where I can’t remember the rules. People think I don’t care to talk or to listen but really I just don’t know when I should talk because unfortunately – Autism is full of misunderstandings.



36 thoughts on “Autism is Full of Misunderstandings”

    1. Reading anonymouslyautistic’s blog will help you understand some.
      Blog reading from those who have the Illness or disability is a great way for others to seek out what these people go through.

      Ask my mom, she LOVES my blog, more than me!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have similar issues as well. I have this story that is a bit personal for me to tell, but it involved a misunderstanding and a good deal of money. It was more so that i hadnt paid for something that i was supposed to and how i understood the situation, i thought i didnt need to. The situation has since then been resolved. But the people i delt with were not straight forward in what they said which lead me to misinterpet what they had said. I did this on two occasions. I was so nervous and anxious. When it was all finally solved i felt so much better. Perhaps some of it had to do with my own use of language but misunderstandings are so common. This was i think the worst one ive had, from the fact i should have used logic. How was i supposed to know. I take things at face value.

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  2. I just discovered you’re blog and find it soooo interesting! I love your style of writing and how honest you are about yourself. I’ve been working with an Aspergers/autisitc child for the past six months and feel like more people should know how they feel in and see different situations, just so we could all treat each other well and respectfully.
    I hope you have a beautiful day!

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  3. You aid: “I sometimes process things on a delay. I think it’s because of the amount of information I am able to take in at one time.”

    Thank you for this post. Yes, it’s been noted that quite often we have to go away and think about things first, we need longer to process information where people are concerned. I most certainly have that problem too and it’s how unscrupulous people are able to take advantage of us so easily. They think and act in the moment.

    Also, in this post ‘This field was intentionally left blank’ wrote that she became a people pleaser, and “…trying to be too friendly or give away too much often backfires”

    These things can lead to horrible situations and misunderstandings as I know from experience only too well.. Coupled with the fact that I am naturally quiet anyway and always have been, coming across as somewhat impassive, only tending to speak when there aren’t too many people around and/or I feel strongly about something. I wish allistics listened more, they’ve always got fill in the spaces with noise.

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