A poem inspired by the #ActuallyAutistic and #SheCantBeAutistic hashtags that I keep seeing all over the place this week.


You are a bit awkward aren’t you?

Actually, I am Autistic.

Autistic? You seem normal to me.

You can’t see Autism.

But you seem so intelligent.

Lots of Autistic people are smart.

You just need to practice socializing more.

I am already doing my best.

Autistic people can’t sit still.

We can, but it is hard and takes more concentration.

You must be high functioning.

Today I am, but sometimes I’m not.

Are you just looking for attention?

No, actually I prefer to be left alone.

You don’t look Autistic.

Actually I’m Autistic.


33 thoughts on “#ActuallyAutistic”

  1. Reblogged this on Dumitru Daniela – Cabinet de Psihologie and commented:
    Ești un pic ciudat, nu-i așa?

    De fapt, eu sunt autist.

    Autist? Mie îmi pari normal.

    Nu poți vedea autismul.

    Dar, tu pari atât de inteligent.

    Mulți autiști sunt inteligenți.

    Ai nevoie doar să înveți să socializezi mai mult.

    Deja fac tot posibilul.

    Autiștii nu pot sta mereu.

    Putem, dar este greu și necesită multă concentrare.

    Trebuie să funcționezi mai la vîrf.

    Astăzi funcționez astfel, dar uneori nu pot.

    Tu doar cauți atenție?

    Nu, de fapt, eu prefer să fiu lăsat în pace.

    Tu nu arăți autist.

    De fapt, eu sunt autist.

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  2. Reblogged this on Senso della vita and commented:
    Una poesia di Anna di https://anonymouslyautistic.net/ ispirata agli hashtag #ActuallyAutistic e #SheCantBeAutistic sulla realtà dell’autismo, in blu le risposte di Anna ai più comuni preconcetti su di esso .

    In realtà io sono autistico.

    Sei un po’ imbarazzante, non è vero?

    A dire il vero, io sono autistico.

    Autistico? Tu mi sembri normale.

    Non è possibile vedere l’autismo.

    Ma tu sembri così intelligente.

    Molte persone autistiche sono intelligenti.

    Hai soltanto bisogno di socializzare di più.

    Sto già facendo del mio meglio.

    Le persone autistiche non possono stare ferme.

    Possiamo, ma è difficile e richiede maggiore concentrazione.

    È necessario essere ad alto funzionamento.

    Oggi lo sono, ma a volte non lo sono.

    Sei solo in cerca di attenzione?

    No, in realtà io preferisco essere lasciato solo.

    Non sembri autistico.

    In realtà io sono autistico.

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  3. HAPPINESS IS…….Turning five so you can go to school,finding friends and knowing they are your friends until the end,Getting an A on your hardest subject in school,Knowing your mom and dad love you…..HAPPINESS IS……Going on a date for the first time,Driving a car,Falling in love and knowing it’s for real,Getting married……HAPPINESS IS….Living in your first house,Having your first child child,Seeing the funny things your children do….being there for your children,watching your children grow…..HAPPINESS IS …..Knowing you had a good life,Knowing you will always be there…even when you’re not,Knowing when you are gone there’s always a place in your childrens’ and friends’ heart where you will always live…HAPPINESS IS……………….Written when I was 12 years old. May 1984

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  4. You look and sound perfect to me! You have helped open my eyes up to how my son views his world with the things that you share here. I love how there are so many translations of your poem already!

    I don’t know if you have realized how much you are paving the way for our adults of tomorrow. My son’s life will be a better place because of things that you and other bloggers with Autism share. It takes education on ASD to really understand it and who better to show us the truth than someone who lives it.

    Thank you!

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  5. Love this. I’ve only mentioned to a few close friends my suspicion that I am Autistic and I’ve already encountered some of these objections and had to really lay out specific symptoms to convince them. People think Autism looks like Rain Man, but not all of us do. And some of us have spent decades learning to act “normal” even if we didn’t know exactly why we are different. Thanks for sharing this.

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      1. Thank you. It’s all a little overwhelming sometimes. I’m grateful to have anybody to talk to freely about it. Finding folks online with similar stories is helping me not worry so much about convincing family and friends. Thanks again for your response!

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