Aspie Sean 58: Accomidation and What It Means

Asking for accommodation can be difficult. As I get older and learn more about myself,  I am getting better at self avocation and asking for accommodations.

I want to make something clear. When an Autistic person is asking you for accommodations they are NOT looking for special treatment they just want to be comfortable.

Certain things I can tolerate if I have to, like florescent light bulbs and air conditioners but they make me physically sick and uncomfortable. Almost like an allergy.

If I ask to work alone in a quiet office with natural light people scoff because EVERYONE wants a quiet office with natural light but when I don’t have this I am truly suffering and in pain or feeling horrible.

I need to alone time and quiet more than anything. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.

I love Aspie Sean‘s videos! Below he talks about what asking for accommodation means.

I can not express myself as well out loud as I can when I type but YouTuber Aspie Sean is amazing. I can take NO credit for this content please subscribe to Aspie Sean on YouTube for more great content.


14 thoughts on “Aspie Sean 58: Accomidation and What It Means”

  1. When I worked, I needed to my environment to be scent free, which was almost impossible and people were quick to dismiss me. Not everyone can understand the needs or point of accommodations – thanks for the education.

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    1. You know. . . Thinking about this I worked with a woman once who claimed to be “allergic” to all smells (my grandmother says the same thing and is SPD). Nobody was allowed to wear anything with a smell in our office and I had a hard time with this because I use pleasant smells to sooth my SPD. I got in trouble for not smelling plain enough several times because my shampoo had a lot of sent. Or my body lotions. I quit after a month since the woman was there first and obviously we were incompatible. Thanks for making me think about it from her perspective.


      1. I am okay with essential oils – natural scents – it is the artificial perfumes and alcohol based infusions that are tough. We might be able to work it out if we were together.


  2. He does explain it very well. I was a Pediatric OTA Therapist before my Vestibular Disorder changed all that. But he’s spot on, accommodation allows you to be productive. It does not make the task easier, it allows you to complete it 😊. Very good blog!

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