False Stereotypes | The Asperger Help Desk

Stereotypes and Stigmas are one of my biggest obsticals. People expect me to fit into society because they do not know I am Autistic but if I tell someone that I am Autistic they say “you are so smart, you can’t possible be Autistic”.

If you’ve met one person with Autism you have met one person with Autism. The same thing can be said for non-Autistic people. If you’ve met one “normal person” you’ve met one “normal person”.

Why would anyone think that everyone in a group is exactly the same? That is completely illogical.

#actuallyAutistic #SheCantBeAutistic


13 thoughts on “False Stereotypes | The Asperger Help Desk”

  1. Probably because a lot of people have misconceptions or are simply ignorant about what being autistic actually means. Which is also true of many other mental health conditions.


  2. Favourite and most unbelievable things uttered by several “Professionals” about my son.

    “He’s not “full-blown” though because he’s friendly and affectionate and doesn’t mind making eye contact” (Special needs co-ordinator)

    “He can’t be too severe if he doesn’t take medication” (Member of panel when we appealed his secondary school place)

    “But… well he’s just SUCH a nice boy!” (Educational Psychologist)

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  3. Honestly, I’ve always heard the stereotype that people on the autism spectrum are especially smart, which is also, while positive, a stereotype that needs to be dispelled. People need to be informed and learn to address individuals as individuals.

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          1. I hit “like” about your comment… but for some reason was worried that could be misunderstood as liking the fact that stereotypes dehumanize. I don’t know. I goofed by clarifying something that may not have needed to be clarified. Sorry!


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