Aspie Sean Week 47: “Don’t tell us we’re high functioning like it’s a compliment”

First off – do not tell me that I am high functioning or low functioning. Ever. The truth is my functioning level varies from day to day. Someday just getting out of bed is an accomplishment and other days I am out and about concurring the corporate world.

Functioning labels are not helpful for anyone and they suggest that Autistic people who cannot pass off as Neurotypical are somehow less – despite many non-verbal Aspies (like Carly Fleischmann) being very intelligent despite difficulties controlling their bodies and communication impairments like Apraxia and Alexithymia.

It makes me SO mad because I know how it feels to be underestimated, for people to think you are stupid when you don’t express yourself the way they expect you to. The voice that comes out of my mouth never measures up to my inner voice or the voice that comes out when I type.

I really think high functioning means you hide your AS traits well… which is actually what someone told me once “you hide it well” like THAT is a compliment. “You hide who you really are very well so that the rest of us can feel comfortable” is what I hear when somebody says that.

It’s offensive and needs to stop.

Aspie Sean – a man with great perspective and who is very talented in speaking out loud agrees that saying “You must be high functioning” is NOT a compliment.

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15 thoughts on “Aspie Sean Week 47: “Don’t tell us we’re high functioning like it’s a compliment””

  1. I agree too.
    I know it ‘s so sad when you are aware of your high functioning because you really know what you can or can’t.
    I feel it ‘s really offensive this phrase you are high functioning. It’ s sad. It’s not understanding.

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  2. Another example :My friend was so sad when someome told him that he didn’t know to love… so sad thing to say to anyone. He feels love so much…. so much… but he can’t express it in a “common ” way… but what is “common, normal ” way? Love is love. So simply.

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  3. How true! I’m sure people don’t MEAN it offensively, but still, it just proves how thoroughly society expects everyone to conform and how anything ‘other’ is wrong. Urgh! Inclusiveness and acceptance has a long long way to go.

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  4. “But it doesn’t count for you because you can pass. And you seem too smart. You never have problems talking around people that I’ve seen.”
    An old friend of my wife’s reaction when I told her I’d just been diagnosed. The socialization part was dead wrong but she isn’t the most observant of people. If it hadn’t been literally the day after her marriage I would’ve humiliated the hell out of her using her own faulty logic against her bisexuality. “You can appear completely hetero so obviously you cant really count as gay.”
    Odd how my uncompromising sense of honor, that would’ve been wrong to do for many reasons, gets in the way of me being an agent of karma.

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