Life with Aspergers: Burnout

Some of my readers may remember that I mentioned not too long ago that I was going through an Autistic Burnout (sometimes called Autistic Regression).  Burnout is hard to cope with and it feels like your life is falling apart.

For some women Autistic Burnout may be what eventually leads them to a late life diagnosis. Psychologists like to call it a depression or say we are depressed and I see why they say that but I think they misunderstand the cause.

My burnout came from “passing” and faking it and than I fell apart when my efforts to blend in were failing despite putting in all my energy.

There seems to be a link to passing and burnout. Maybe it is just the amount of energy passing takes or maybe there is more to it. I would love to learn more about the connection.

This is also why I am so opposed to the “High Functioning” and “Low Functioning” labels. I am “High Functioning” but if I am going through burnout – I can tell you that I am VERY low functioning at that point.

My functioning ability varies from day to day. I can be high, low, and everything in between.

These are not the things that I admit to most people, even those closest to me, but I can relate to every single thing OriginalRetrophiliac has to say in her emotional video about dealing with Autistic Burnout.

I can take NO credit for OriginalRetrophiliac‘s content. Please subscribe to her channel on YouTube for more great videos.


14 thoughts on “Life with Aspergers: Burnout”

  1. Hearing your description and watching the video makes me wonder if my bipolar II diagnosis is really just from the highs and lows of autistic mood swings. Either way, the meds I am on now keep me more in the middle, which I appreciate sometimes and can’t stand at others.

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  2. I have talked a bit about burnouts and they are very hard to deal with. It feels like while you are “passing” the world is just literally slipping through your fingers, that you can’t control what is going on in your life. I suffer from frequent burnouts. Im supposed to be “high functioning” but when a burnout hits, i almost completly shut down. I feel like i always stretch myself thin in order to try and keep up. And at some point it just falls apart. It’s hard.
    I feel like there is something to the amount of energy it takes to pass on a given day. And the fact of the matter is, I don’t get much of that back at night. So i run on fumes for a while, then things break. I try and relax for a while, come back with the energy tank maybe not even a quarter full and the cycle continues.

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      1. Thanks. Yea i have sleep problems in addition to whats going on in my life, so the fact that i dont get much energy to begin with just sucks. And ontop of that you are constantly passing, constantly. So what energy you would get back from sleep, should you be lucky enough to get energy back, gets depeleated quickly. I feel like the reason my energy levels after i recover from a burn out is less than a fourth of a tank is partly because of sleep, partly because of the “catchup” i now have to play. I wish i had a giant button at times i could hit and it would pause the world. Give me a brief moment of rest. The fact is i don’t get that, and i venture to say most people with Autism, no matter what degree, don’t get that either. It’s tough but somehow we keep on going. I’m just wondering, when it’ll all fall apart, for real. When i fall too far behind to catch up. Being a student in a big 10 uni i have to keep up. Luckily my teachers are so understanding this semester. And breaks from school seem too short. Im passing in daily life during those times so i don’t really get a break in those either.


        1. I can’t handle having a social life and a job at the same time. I do one outing a week AT most and even that is pushing it. Really once a month is all I can handle. It sucks when my job wants me to socialize with the team because I have no energy left for friends. Socialization takes my bars down faster than anything else and requires the most recovery time.


          1. Yes i whole heartedly agree. Social stuff is a huge drainer for me. I have 2 close friends and everyone else is just there for me. I try and spend time with my personfriend (girlfriend/boyfriend, but they identify as multiple genders) they are similar to me and when i spend time with them and another friend i am always so drained afterwords. So in addition to the previous stuff ive mentioned ive also got a bit of a social life and that does drain me a lot of the time. I use to try to go to a creative writing club on campus. It meets like 2 times a month. There are times where i seriously want to be a recluse. Even though i have barely spend time with my personfriend this week. I feel exhausted, and i cant wait to see them again. I see my personfriend as a part of my social life that i see as worth it.
            By the time i get close to finishing the day, i am close to, or at the point, i want to go up to my room, close the door, and entertain no one for the rest of the day.


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