Life with Asperger’s: Employment – OriginalRetrophiliac

Being in the modern work place makes me feel like a fish out of water. Florescent light bulbs, humming air conditioners on the roof above my desk, constant ringing of phones, and people randomly interrupting my work to ask me questions.

Networking events and social expectations. Corporate culture an professionalism are minefields that I have to work thorough everyday with great effort.  By the time I get home I am so worn out that I can barely think straight.

Starting a new job is always the hardest because I have to learn a new routine. I definitely prefer to have the same days off and same schedule every week because I have chronic insomnia and sleeping at the same time every day is the best medicine for this particular problem.

Having a full time job is hard but so is being unemployed although most days when I go to the office I feel as if I am just “getting by” in life – surviving.

Its funny because I actually REALLY love my job but the sensory and social aspects of it kill me sometimes.

I just came across the OriginalRetrophiliac channel on YouTube and look forward to following for more great content.


20 thoughts on “Life with Asperger’s: Employment – OriginalRetrophiliac”

  1. There needs to be work-both part time and full, for the gifted and not so gifted AT HOME. Training can be done via video chat or whatever people use (I am not in any kind of social loop when it comes to social networking). We need to look at this socioeconomically- putting more people to work from home whether data entry or developing software. Working where one feels comfortable and SAFE should improve productivity. Not being able to drive wouldn’t be a deterrent. 3D thinking !

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      1. I’m glad you can do that. I make a little money making jewelry from home. My aunt does all the social work. I can’t make any type of living off of it, but at least it’s something.


      1. I just looked it up. Sounds cool! Is the professor the character with autism? I ask because I follow a blogger who encouraged everyone to read more diversely in certain categories, and one that I suck in reading a book with a character who has a disability. I want to read smarter and better!

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