The Struggle is Real: Coping With HF Aspergers, SPD – TheTrutherGirls

There are a lot of stigmas and stereotypes associated with Autism. I often feel a sense of unease because I don’t fit into any box society has for me. I don’t want to fit into the box – but still society keeps shoving.

I don’t fit. The box is too small and my mind is too big. It hurts.

People see me during the good times, when I am feeling happy and healthy, because I don’t go out when I am feeling sick. People never see me struggle, people don’t see me sweat.

I don’t talk about my Sensory Processing Disorder with people much in person. I’ve had people tell me that “everybody feels that way sometimes”. I am never sure if it is because I hide my pain so well or if the people who say this are undiagnosed Aspies. The doubt makes me keep my crazy tendencies to myself.

When I have sensory issues I implode and cannot handle anything. I have to be alone in a calm, dark spot. I am in imaginable pain and this happens to me more often than I would like to admit. This is the me that nobody sees. The broken and sick me that I hide.

We spend so much energy trying to act normal and blend in. Why do we feel this way – hiding?

We should not be made to feel shame for way we are wired. It’s not fair.

Do you related to the video today? I feel so much of what she has to say. I take NO credit for this video but felt it needed to be shared.

I love thetruthergirls vlog on YouTube! Please check out thetruthergirls and subscribe for more great content.

See video HERE!

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9 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real: Coping With HF Aspergers, SPD – TheTrutherGirls”

  1. I relate so much to your blog. I am pretty sure I have undiagnosed Aspergers, and have read so much about it. I totally get your feelings of overload-I get like this often, and it is to an extreme extent that most people could not imagine-it is painful! Keep writing, sharing yourself and your experiences in your blog is so important. It helps you, and the people who read it 💛

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  2. I really do believe that this is a struggle that comes from living with any and all chronic illnesses. It is something average people just simply can’t comprehend. I personally write to break out from the box, and talk about things most people are too scared to. I’m trying to make it a little more okay to be a chronically ill person in a world that often times doesn’t feel like it’s made for us. I have told you before but I’ll tell you again, you are amazingly brave for speaking truthfully out about your life and all it entails. You, me, and all others like us can really change society just by being honest and being ourselves.

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  3. We should not be made to feel shame for way we are wired. It’s not fair.

    – I just want to repeat this on billboards and clothing and everywhere! So true! It should be seen by everyone. Thank you for sharing your story.

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