Going Beyond Books to the ‘Whole Different Story’ of Living With Autism – The Mighty

Kerry Magro is an amazing voice in the Autism community. Following in the footsteps of the great Aspie writers and advocates before me I started my blog in order to share my own first hand experiences with Autism.

When I got my diagnosis and as I learned about Autism I quickly was turned off by society’s misconceptions about Autism and the way doctors pathologized us. Sure we have medical conditions and comorbids but the way they described the deficits in our very ways of thinking, often without explaining or focusing on the positive aspects of our Autism, sickened me.

Over the past few months I have been networking with other Aspies online, making virtual connections and encouraging everyone to write speak out and share more. We need to do this. We need to speak for ourselves.

One person cannot change the world but if we all speak up we can make a much bigger impact.

Read the full post here on The Mighty.

We have a saying in the autism community, “It’s easy to read about autism, but it’s a whole different story to live it.”

We are at a crossroads in our community today because there are countless people on the autism spectrum, along with their families and friends, sharing their stories in blogs, journal entries, books, documentaries and so much more. [. . ]

Because of that, I have a favor to ask of everyone reading this article today. The next time you are trying to learn more about autism, consider having people with autism speak about their experiences at your events. While reading about autism is important, listening to the experiences of those who have grown up with autism will give you a whole new outlook on our community. Hear their successes, their challenges, and you will learn about how wide of a spectrum we have out there.

Read the full post here on The Mighty.



4 thoughts on “Going Beyond Books to the ‘Whole Different Story’ of Living With Autism – The Mighty”

  1. My friend is autistic. Have you done any like advice posts for non autistic people on how to not tick them off? I seem to always annoy this friend even when I’m trying not too


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