This Is Me (Aspergers) – Princess Aspien

I was SO excited to find Princess Aspien‘s channel on YouTube. It is super exciting to find such an articulate young Aspian woman who is sharing her story and experience. Her perspective is so happy and positive and we need MORE of this type of happiness and acceptance in this world.

“That’s who I am’ and that’s what I’m meant to be.”

Please subscribe to Princess Aspien‘s channel on YouTube for more great positive videos.

She also had a great video about Autism Service dogs. I do believe that interacting with dogs as a child was essential to my mental development and helped me learn  to connect with this world and feel love.

Pets CAN be great for Autistic children IF they are calm, quiet, and well behaved.


8 thoughts on “This Is Me (Aspergers) – Princess Aspien”

  1. I thought about getting an assistance dog after my dog died a few weeks ago, but they’re so expensive. So I opted for a cat; she’s very affectionate and I think I was lucky to find a cat that helps me be less anxious in our crazy world. Thanks for liking my Tocophobia and ASD post btw 🙂

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