AUTISM AND EPILEPSY – Link Between Autism And Epilepsy | The Aspie World

I’ve had seizures before but am not diagnosed with epilepsy because the seizures are rare and far between.

Personally I have known a few people with epilepsy and they both had a lot of Aspie like qualities. The behavior could also be part of being neurodivergent / neurodiverse. It will be interesting to see what science has to say but so far I am not at all surprised.

What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “AUTISM AND EPILEPSY – Link Between Autism And Epilepsy | The Aspie World”

  1. I was diagnosed twice as a child with epilepsy as I used to fit, or hold my breath to pass out. My parents weren’t convinced by the epilepsy so they got a third opinion – An underdeveloped nervous system. That they could cope with! But I do think links are there.


  2. I have a six year old with epilepsy who had also been diagnosed with autism. In his case the seizure activity is constant and that constant interruption of normal brain function is devastating. I have often wondered if we could stop the seizures and the hypsarrhythmia, if he would still fall on the spectrum.


  3. I’m not surprised by this finding at all. Earlier this year I blogged about the scientific findings of the genetic links between Autism, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia that has been discovered this spring. We have known for several years now that there is a relationship between Migraines, Bipolar, and Seizures. The activity in the brain during episodes for all three are very similar in fact. Sadly we still aren’t sure what the cause is but we do know that all three will usually respond to the same class of med. So my thoughts are this: if Autism shares genes with Bipolar then it’s very likely that Seizures will also be present in the mix as well.

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    1. Interestingly enough, I am studying Bipolar disorder because a LOT of female Aspies are misdiagnosed as bipolar because some of the symptoms are similar and artistic people have a hard time accurately describing what’s going on in their heads while they’re having the symptoms. We literally look crazy.

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      1. I’ve often considered being screened for Autism to be honest. I’m currently diagnosed with Bipolar, which I don’t question, but I have 3 children. One is diagnosed with Bipolar as well and one with Autism, the last is showing symptoms no one can agree on. I have symptoms and issues that I feel that are still unexplained. My thoughts are this: if these disorders are linked, then it is possible to have both and it’s worth having it checked. It’s not about being crazy. It’s about having a brain that’s wired differently.

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  4. Interesting – I have nocturnal epilepsy and all of my scans/EEGs are normal which I think is extremely weird. I’ve never even considered that there might be a link to autism/Asperger’s. I know almost nothing about autism or Asperger’s. I do know that I have the compulsion to count things. Like stop a movie and see how many streetlights are in a scene. Or challenge myself to see how many fence posts go by in a mile while driving down a road. I know nothing. I’ll look into this.

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